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California's Alternative Fuels Plan
Oped by California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. - 19-Jan-2007

Bills on Climate Move to Spotlight in New Congress
Persistent rumors that the president might support an emissions cap, circulating in Washington and Europe, were rejected Tuesday by his press secretary, Tony Snow. - 19-Jan-2007

Electrovaya Launches MN-Series Lithium Ion Superpolymer'R' Battery Technology
Up to 50% Higher Energy Density Than Phosphate With Comparable Safety Performance. - 19-Jan-2007

ZENN Issues Statement on Strategic Partner EEStor's Press Release
Under its Technology Agreement with EEStor, Inc., ZMC holds the worldwide exclusive license for EEStor's batteries for small and medium-sized vehicles up to 1,400 kgs curb weight. - 19-Jan-2007

Electric Cars the Answer for Future -- And the Present
The near-term answer, Letendre urged, is not cars powered solely by electricity. - 19-Jan-2007

Groups Petition Department of Energy to Create Plug-in Car Market to Combat Global Warming
Agency Does Not Currently Classify Plug-in Cars as Alternative-fuel Vehicles. - 19-Jan-2007

Motor City Drives Straight Into an Identity Crisis
This was a show that saw the domestics counting every cent while the Japanese and the Germans strutted their stuff. - 19-Jan-2007

Diesel-powered Audi R10 a 'Winner' in Efficiency and Performance
Last June, the diesel-powered Audi R10 on display in the Audi exhibit won the world's most prestigious sports-car endurance race, the 24 Hours of LeMans. It became the first non-gasoline powered car in the 74-year history of the legendary French competition to finish first. - 19-Jan-2007

Toyota: How the Hybrid Race Went to the Swift
As Toyota prepares to motor past Ford as the world's second-largest carmaker, it has become a textbook case on how a green reputation delivers a competitive edge. - 19-Jan-2007

Auto Industry Changes Loom
The Detroit Auto Show reveals the inherent conflict between green and mean evidenced by carmakers also rolling out their gas-guzzling muscle machines. - 19-Jan-2007