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Breaking the Hydrogen Storage Bottleneck
Hydrogen-powered cars that do not pollute the environment are a step closer thanks to a new discovery which promises to solve the main problem holding back the technology. - 18-Jan-2007

We Can Achieve Energy Self-sufficiency in 10 Years
Editorial writes that becoming energy self-sufficient by 2017 will require more political will than anything else. - 18-Jan-2007

Tesla Considers Locating Electric Car Manufacturing to S.E. Michigan
John Thomas, a senior director of Tesla Motors, said the company is planning its first assembly plant in North America and that 'Michigan made the short list' for possible locations. - 18-Jan-2007

Power Struggle for the Electric Car
'Who Killed the Electric Car?' demonstrates a case study of how not to get a technology adopted. - 18-Jan-2007

Hybrid Cars More than Just a Fashionable Alternative
Oil prices a key driver in widespread acceptance. - 18-Jan-2007

Changes in How Future Cars are Powered Could Transform California
Meeting the governor's yet-to-be-penned automotive fuels standard can only be done one way -- by burning less petroleum. - 18-Jan-2007

A Mere Tinge of Green
Motor City is abuzz over alternate-power cars. But automakers still love their overweight, overpowered vehicles. - 18-Jan-2007

Streetcar Desires
Tacoma, Washington isn't the only city giving heritage transportation a new look. - 18-Jan-2007

Non-OPEC Oil Supplies to Disappoint in 2007
It said world demand will grow by 1.6 percent, or 1.39 million bpd, in 2007, less than the 1.43 million bpd expected last month. - 19-Jan-2007

Reports of 40% Increase in Saudi Oil Production Capacity by 2009 Are Misleading
True figure is closer to 14% contends Oil Depletion Analysis Center. - 19-Jan-2007