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National Plug In Partners Celebrate First Anniversary
Speakers to include Senator Hatch, Auto Nation CEO Mike Jackson, Austin Mayor Will Wynn, Austin Energy's Roger Duncan and others. - 17-Jan-2007

Beijing Rudely Awakened from 'Green' Dream
After nearly three decades of breakneck economic growth, China has some of the most polluted cities in the world. All of the country's major rivers are dangerously contaminated, with millions of people lacking access to clean drinking water. - 17-Jan-2007

China Cracks Down on Polluting Power Companies
The State Pollution Control Agency has released a list of 82 projects that it says failed to meet environmental standards. - 17-Jan-2007

ZAP and Lotus Study Feasibility of New Electric Vehicle Concepts
The feasibility study is a comprehensive research project into the creation of a new generation of ultra-efficient electric automobiles from concept to production. - 17-Jan-2007

Evangelical, Scientific Leaders Launch Effort to Protect Life on Earth
Unprecedented Collaboration Aims to Instill Sense of Urgency in All Americans - 17-Jan-2007

Honda VP Asks for Tax Credit for Fuel Cell Vehicle 'Buyers'
Mr Mendel's comments follow Toyota's appeal to the US government to extend the current tax-credit scheme for hybrid drivers. - 17-Jan-2007

America Speaks Out on Global Warming, But Is Washington Listening?
Sixty-one percent believe it is 'very to extremely' important for their government leaders to require higher fuel efficiency standards in automobiles. - 17-Jan-2007

Detroit Auto Show Sparks Firefly's Interest
GM's electric concept car shows need for improved batteries. - 17-Jan-2007

Electric Cars Stall in Cayman Islands
There is only one car completely powered by electricity known to exist in the Cayman Islands and it can't be driven anywhere off the owner's property. - 17-Jan-2007

Better Biofuels Through Termite Microbe Genetics?
Sequencing the genomes of microbial ecosystems could lead to better biological machines. - 17-Jan-2007