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Bike or Car? Think Twice in Beijing
Apart from the classic Chinese brands like Forever and Phoenix, electric bicycles and portable folding bicycles are becoming increasingly popular. - 15-Jan-2007

Electric Cars: Utility Windfall or Headache?
White paper by Steven Letendre, Paul Denholm, Paul and Peter Lilienthal looks at impact of electric drive vehicles on the national power grid. - 16-Jan-2007

Freightliner Prepares for First Unveiling of Hybrid Truck
The vehicle is powered by an electric motor through an energy storage device developed by Eaton and a Mercedes-Benz MBE904 diesel engine from Detroit Diesel, resulting in up to a 50 percent improvement in fuel economy and lower emissions. - 16-Jan-2007

Prius Still Top Ranked Hybrid, Study Finds
Comparable vehicles in the Prius' class have a 5-year TCO of $33,305, but the actual costs for the Prius came in at just under $20,000. - 16-Jan-2007

Singapore Considering Gas-Guzzling Labeling
Currently, 25 per cent of car models here are voluntarily labelled as such. - 16-Jan-2007

Future Shock vs. Same Old Detroit Auto Show
The Volt becomes another highly public test of G.M.'s environmental sincerity - if the experiment fails, skeptics may charge the company with reviving electric-car dreams, only to snuff them out a second time. - 16-Jan-2007

End of the Road for US Gas Guzzlers
Detroit car manufacturers in turmoil as Americans switch to fuel efficiency. - 16-Jan-2007

Volt Set to Shock the World
Revolutionary Electric Concept from general motors could go on sale to the public as early as 2010. It combines lithium-ion batteries and a small gas engine to drive more than 800 kilometres on four litres of fuel. - 16-Jan-2007

Al Gore Says U.S. States May Force Change in Climate Policy
Environmentalists and scientists including James Hansen, the government's top climate researcher, say action must be taken before climate change causes irreversible damage to ecosystems and economies around the globe. - 16-Jan-2007

Mazda Working on Tri-Fuel Hybrid
Rotary engine will be able to run on gasoline, hydrogen and electricity. - 16-Jan-2007