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Bush Set for Climate Change U-Turn
The move will be seen as part of a wider repositioning of the Bush government after its comprehensive defeat in last autumn's mid-term elections. - 15-Jan-2007

Is Detroit on the Comeback?
Behind the glamour of this week's Detroit motor show, America's car makers are back in the financial mire. Should that worry us? Perhaps not, says Andrew English, but it ought to scare the Nesquick out of the US government - 15-Jan-2007

GM Steers Into the Passing Lane
Playing on the title of former Vice President Al Gore's documentary released last year, GM design chief Bob Lutz said that for critics, 'the Volt is an inconvenient truth.' - 15-Jan-2007

Latest Concept Cars Are 'Out of the Box'
Auto columnist Royal Ford finds the ten most noteworthy new vehicles of the 2007 North American International Auto Show. - 15-Jan-2007

Electric Bicycles Gaining Traction in Bay Area
The benefits of an electric bike are economic, environmental and health-related. Despite its high sticker price - the models he sells range from $800 to $1,500 - that's nothing compared to the yearly cost of owning an automobile which AAA estimates at $7,834. - 15-Jan-2007

California Dreaming...Of Greener Transportation Fuels
Meeting the governor's yet-to-be-penned automotive fuels standard can only be done one way: Burning less petroleum. Refiners can squeeze more efficiency out of their plants. But the only replacements on the near horizon are ethanol, natural gas, biodiesel and electricity. - 15-Jan-2007

Vehicles of the Future Likely to be More Plugged In
GM executives said they expected the first of their electric cars to be brought to market as early as 2010. - 15-Jan-2007

How Does 100 MPG Sound?
According to GM, plug-in electric hybrids could be in showrooms within three to five years, and if government incentives hasten their development, they could be coming off assembly lines even sooner. - 15-Jan-2007

Power Walker: How Far Has Segway Come?
SciAm's Steve Ashley re-evaluates Segway's new i2 and x2 Human Transports. - 15-Jan-2007

Bush Administration Denies Climate Change U-Turn Story
Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair held private talks on climate change before Christmas and there was a sense that Bush would agree on a cap on emissions. - 15-Jan-2007