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Alaska Senator Stevens Introduces 40 MPG Bill
The bill also would block the government from requiring a manufacturer to achieve an overall percentage increase in the efficiency of their vehicles. - 13-Jan-2007

Lodi, California Utility Shines Light on Electric Vehicles
Utility leases three Toyota RAV4 EVs that the fleet manages says can be charged in as little as one hour. - 13-Jan-2007

Streetcars Come Clattering Back in America
Streetcars already operate in more than dozen American cities, most famously San Francisco and New Orleans - the latter being where the Tennessee Williams play, A Streetcar Named Desire, was set. But a recent article in USA Today suggested that three dozen other cities - as far afield as Omaha, Nebraska and Birmingham, Alabama - are planning to introduce similar systems. - 13-Jan-2007

Temperature Rising
Editorial castigates George Bush for head-in-the-sand refusal to tackle causes of global warming. - 13-Jan-2007

GM Seeks Green Cred with Chevy Volt
General Motors unveils new concept hybrid that revisits the electric car; plug-in hybrid advocates clamor for production now. - 14-Jan-2007

U.S. Automakers Unveil Sleek Eco-friendly Cars
Among some of the high-tech designs offered by GM is an electric-powered Chevrolet Volt, with a battery that can be connected to any household outlet and recharged - 14-Jan-2007

Outgoing Rail Chief Urges UK Planners to Consider All Options
The new light rail units are just five tonnes in weight, compared with the conventional 50-tonne units which operate on most rail services. The lower weight means that they are more environmentally friendly and emit fewer greenhouse gases. - 14-Jan-2007

Hybrids Cost More, Save Even More, Study Finds
Transcript of Living on Earth interview with James Bell, publisher of Intellichoice discussing company's study on hybrid costs and savings. - 14-Jan-2007

Ethanol Demand Inflames Grain Market
'We are simply using corn faster than what we're able to produce it these days, and ethanol of course is the big contributor,' said Dennis Smith, a commodity broker at Archer Financial Services. - 14-Jan-2007

Rising Carbon Emissions Call for Bold Action on Climate Change
Before helping fund such a dramatic energy shift big business wants to see evidence of world leaders’ commitment to tackling climate change, to be sure it is money well spent. - 14-Jan-2007