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Exxon Cutting Ties to Global Warming Skeptics
Exxon, along with representatives from about 20 other companies, is participating in talks sponsored by Washington, D.C. nonprofit Resources for the Future. - 13-Jan-2007

Urban Growth and Cars: Chicken-and-Egg Issue
Transportation emissions are rising in nearly every European country, and across the globe. Because of increasing car and truck use, greenhouse emissions are increasing even where pollution from industry is waning because of stricter laws, as it is in much of Europe. - 13-Jan-2007

Nissan Bevel Hybrid Concept
Conceptually, Bevel would feature a small, efficient V6 HEV, combining driving pleasure with environmentally friendly design. - 13-Jan-2007

ArvinMentor To Develop Heavy Class 8 Hybrid For Walmart
Wal-Mart had announced earlier that in the next 10 years, it intends to double the fuel efficiency for its fleet of heavy-duty trucks. - 13-Jan-2007

MIT Study Examines Ethanol Balance
Based on her most likely outcomes, Groode concluded that traveling a kilometer using corn ethanol does indeed consume more energy than traveling the same distance using gasoline. However, further analyses showed that several factors can easily change the outcome, rendering corn-based ethanol a greener fuel. - 13-Jan-2007

California to Establish World's First Low Carbon Standard for Transportation Fuels
World's first Greenhouse Gas Standard for transportation fuels will spark research in alternatives to oil, boost clean technology industry in California and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. - 13-Jan-2007

Global Warming Seen Effecting Oil Price Volatility
The volatility is forcing airlines and manufacturers to change strategies designed to lower fuel expenses. - 13-Jan-2007

Lloyd's Chairman Urges 'Radical Rethink' of Public Policy to Reflect Climate Change Risks
According to Lord Peter Levene, the chairman of Lloyd's of London, the number of catastrophes has doubled since the 1960s and insured losses have increased nearly seven-fold, most of them being weather-related. - 13-Jan-2007

Researchers Find Way to Improve Fuel Cell Catalysts
The gold clusters were found to stabilise the platinum during the oxidisation process and prevent losses to the surface area. - 13-Jan-2007

Detroit Auto Show A Chance to Rally Industry
While the Detroit event remains North America's most prestigious auto show, it faces new competition from Los Angeles. - 13-Jan-2007