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CO2 Emissions Cap May End Carmaking in Europe
The average new car in 2012 will have to emit no more than 120 grams of carbon per kilometre under proposals to be announced by the European Environment Commissioner. - 13-Jan-2007

New Saturn VUE Offers 'Greener' Ride
The most notable changes in the Saturn Vue lie not in the exterior, but underneath the hood: the vehicle balances standard engine technology with electric assist to create an affordable and viable hybrid. - 13-Jan-2007

Phoenix Motorcars Takes First Fleet Pre-sales Orders
Company on Track to Sell 500 Zero-Emission Vehicles in 2007 - 13-Jan-2007

The Dream of Detroit?
General Motors hopes that once the battery can be mass produced, the price will drop. Then the company once accused of 'killing the electric car' may be the one to save it. - 13-Jan-2007

Tesla Opening Engineering Center Outside Detroit
Eberhard said Tesla's goal is to produce an electric vehicle that will sell for around $50,000, or about half the price of the all-electric Tesla Roadster. - 13-Jan-2007

Electric Car Maker Aims to Put Wales in the Lead
The company is based on years’ of research into electric vehicle technology and intends to develop the capacity to manufacture and market a range of models including a car and a van. - 13-Jan-2007

Back to the Future at GM, Chrysler
And if the Volt's electric engine and lighter weight were not enough to make green activists at least spend a second of thought on what GM is doing in response to their criticism, here's something else: The new materials are created, in part, out of recycled water bottles. - 13-Jan-2007

New Race for Automakers: Build a Better Battery
A more robust hybrid car could reduce America's reliance on oil and trim its greenhouse-gas emissions while giving a major boost to carmakers that find the winning technology. - 13-Jan-2007

Big Three Seek Battery Subsidies
Larger U.S. Outlay Would Speed Work On Electric Vehicles. - 13-Jan-2007

Renault Reported Readying Fuel Cell Production In India by 2010
The French car manufacturer is reported to be planning to establish a joint plant with Nissan to cater for European markets. - 13-Jan-2007