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GM Plugs Electric Car as Future of Driving
Until Volt hits the market, customers will be treated to new, improved existing models - 11-Jan-2007

Motor City Reveals Green Intentions
With fuel prices continuing to climb a sea change is underway in consumer habits and judging by this year's show car firms are poised to address their changing needs with a raft of cleaner engines and more fuel efficient vehicles. - 11-Jan-2007

Climate Change Needs Culture Change
The better way to do it is to put up green taxes but to relieve taxes elsewhere. - 12-Jan-2007

Hybrid Trends Look Promising, But...
Hybrid sales tend to increase when gas prices go up and slow down when costs dip. - 12-Jan-2007

GM's Lutz Charged Up on Volt Electric Car
Forbes magazine talks to GM's Vice-Chairman about the new the company's new electric concept car. - 12-Jan-2007

Chevy's High VOLT-age Idea
The Volt's estimated annual fuel savings of about 500 gallons, compared with a similar size 30-mpg vehicle driving 15,000 miles a year, equate to $900, even considering the cost of the electricity. - 12-Jan-2007

Big Three Models Turning Heads
The Saturn Aura isn't the only model generating electricity at the auto show. The Volt, a Chevrolet gasoline-electric prototype that executives say isn't many years away from production, wowed spectators. - 12-Jan-2007

GM, Ford and Toyota Preview Electric Cars
GM executives said they expected the first of their electric cars to be brought to market as early as 2010. - 12-Jan-2007

Confronting Our Addiction to Oil
As oil begins to grow more expensive, the potential for our society to continue commuting long distance to work or play will be the first to go. - 12-Jan-2007

'Living with Ed' Episode to Feature Phoenix Electric Vehicles
Ed Begley, jr. takes an interesting assignment and speaks to his counterparts -- muscle car fans -- about the future of electric cars. - 13-Jan-2007