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Part I: China's Coal Future
To prevent massive pollution and slow its growing contribution to global warming, China will need to make advanced coal technology work on an unprecedented scale. - 04-Jan-2007

UK Conservatives Propose High-Speed Electric Trains
A HIGH speed rail network carrying trains travelling at 180mph will be considered by the Tories as they look for ways of relieving the congestion on Britain's roads and cutting greenhouse gases. - 04-Jan-2007

Taiwan's Bullet Trains Can't Outrun Controversy
The system's enormous cost - $15 billion, or $650 for every man, woman and child on Taiwan - has made it a subject of dispute. - 04-Jan-2007

Exxon's Biggest Spill in Brooklyn, Not Alaska
The site, which once was the site of some 400 oil refineries in the late 1800s, was identified as an environmental hazard in 1978 when a Coast Guard patrol spotted an oily plume in Newtown Creek. - 04-Jan-2007

Plugging Into the Sun
While the average home solar system is about five kilowatts, Mr. Felton's is 45 kilowatts, and he seldom sees an electric bill. Borrego Solar estimated the system could save Mr. Felton almost $2 million over 30 years - far more than the $255,000 the system cost him after a $134,000 rebate. - 04-Jan-2007

Democrats Hope to Take From Oil, Give To Green Energy
The repeal of the 2004 tax cuts for the oil and gas industry would generate nearly $5 billion based on estimates by the Joint Committee on Taxation. The royalty payments would yield between $9 billion and $11 billion. - 04-Jan-2007

EPA Approves California ZEV Waiver
Statement by California Air Resources Board Chairman Dr. Robert Sawyer on USEPA's Approval of California's Waiver Request for Zero Emission Vehicles. - 04-Jan-2007

500 MPG? - A Few Foolish Caveats
Rich Smith's take on Jim Woolsey's 'Gentlemen, Start Your Plug-Ins' oped. - 05-Jan-2007

Distillery Demand For Grain to Fuel Cars Vastly Understated
Ethanol demand could send grain prices soaring around the world, writes Lester Brown. - 05-Jan-2007

Change is Coming to Auto World, But Slowly
Demand for large cars remains high even as trends move to reduce emissions. - 05-Jan-2007