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California Governor Sparks Revolutionary Energy Plan
Environmentalists called the plan revolutionary, and energy experts said it would be watched closely by policymakers from Washington to London and Berlin, where similar policies are under consideration. - 11-Jan-2007

DaimlerChrysler Considers Fuel Cell Vehicles for India
Indian Oil Company is to offer hydrogen refuelling capabilities at a petrol pump near Nigambodh Ghat. - 11-Jan-2007

Enterprise Adds Saturn Green Line 'Hybrids' to Fleet
The first wave of approximately 160 hybrid Saturn VUE SUV's will be delivered the first part of 2007 to select branch locations in the Bay area as well as Los Angeles and Sacramento. - 11-Jan-2007

U.S. Automakers Push Fuel Economy
Five years ago, Zetsche said, people would ask what would happen if one of Daimler's Smart subcompacts disappeared into a pothole in New York City. By Monday, the company has had 500,000 inquiries about Smart on its Web site and plans to sell the two-seat mini-car in the U.S. in 2008. - 11-Jan-2007

Hydrogen Electric Racing Federation Announced
The Hydrogen Electric Racing Federation(TM) Introduces the 'Hydrogen 500'(TM) and a New Racing Series That Will Boast the Most Technologically Advanced Racing Machines in the World - 11-Jan-2007

Environmentalists Slam South Africa's Biofuels Strategy
They say to grow food crops to fuel cars, without taking steps to reduce carbon emissions by enforcing fuel efficiency of vehicles, is immoral. - 11-Jan-2007

Beijing Airport Light Rail Project on Track
With a total length of 28.1 kilometres, the track will run from Dongzhimen, on the northeast corner of the second ring road which encircles the downtown area, to the Beijing Capital International Airport in northeast Beijing. - 11-Jan-2007

Bay Area Transit Ridership Continues to Climb
Growth reflects similar trends nationwide and appears linked to higher energy prices. - 11-Jan-2007

Xtrac Presents New Hybrid Powertrain
Xtrac will showcase the world's first commercially viable diesel-electric powertrain developed with Zytek for a small family car at the Autosport International Show. - 11-Jan-2007

Japan Gov't Commends Subaru for Electric Car
Subaru has garnered a commendation for its work on alternative fuel technologies in its R1e that are contributing to averting global warming. - 11-Jan-2007