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Green Cabs Given Go Ahead in New South Wales
The New South Wales Taxi Council and Legion Cabs have developed the 12-month pilot program using the first hybrid-electric cab. - 09-Jan-2006

Honda Aims For FCX Production in 3-4 Years
Production Car Will Closely Resemble the FCX Concept Vehicle making its North American Debut at the North American International Auto Show - 09-Jan-2006

Mitsubishi Unveils CT Hybrid-Electric Small Car
The Concept-CT is revealed to the world by Mitsubishi Motors North America on Monday, Jan. 9, 2006 at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. The Concept-CT utilizes the Mitsubishi In-wheel Electric Vehicle (MIEV) hybrid powertrain, which employs an electric motor in each of the vehicle's four wheels. The ultra-compact four-door hatchback maximizes interior space and combines practicality, fun-to-drive performance and low fuel consumption. - 10-Jan-2006

Subaru Hybrid Concept Vehicle Makes North American Debut
Company continues 'green' efforts to help safeguard the environment - 10-Jan-2006

Cobasys to Provide Battery Systems for Saturn VUE Green Line Hybrid SUV
Cobasys' complete plug and play NiMHax 36 Volt system includes its high power Series 1000 advanced NiMH battery modules and electronics in a small, lightweight package designed specifically for GM's application. - 10-Jan-2006

Connecticut's Hydrogen Economy
Its proponents says the day of 'commercial, viable and real' hydrogen power generation is closer than ever - 10-Jan-2006

Fuel Prices Driving Cities and Counties to Hybrids
Facing exploding fuel budgets, cities and counties are buying more fuel-efficient hybrid-electric cars and switching to cleaner-burning alternatives such as bio-diesel, a fuel blend derived from animal and vegetable fats. - 10-Jan-2006

Sporty Ford Reflex Concept Car Powered by Diesel Hybrid
Ford envisions the Mazda Miata-sized concept car powered by a diesel-electric hybrid powertrain that count turn in as much as 65 mpg. - 10-Jan-2006

Saturn VUE Hybrid To Be Build in Spring Hill, TN Plant
During an auto show, Saturn unveils new Vue as part of an effort to spread the technology over many brands. - 10-Jan-2006

Hybrids: Are You Ready to Repair Them?
The surveys say that people are not purchasing hybrids to pinch pennies on gas; instead they are more likely making a statement about the overuse of fossil fuels. - 10-Jan-2006