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People Will Still Need Oil, But Earth Will Run Out
Things are changing in the oil patch. There have been no discoveries of new 'super giant' oil fields since 1976. Big oil company mergers suggest that oil is cheaper to find on Wall Street than with a drill bit. Meanwhile, some firms are investing billions in alternative energy sources. - 09-Jan-2006

GM Joins Hybrid Party Late
GM's commitment to hybrids comes as industry experts predict that demand for gas-electric vehicles will surge even though they cost thousands more than similar cars powered only by gas engines. - 09-Jan-2006

Honda Fit Designed to 'Fit Your Life'
New 5-door hatchback will enter the Canadian subcompact market with class-leading features, fuel efficiency and standard safety equipment. - 09-Jan-2006

Rethinking Their Driving Habits in Lufkin, Texas
Rising fuel prices are gradually forcing this Texas community to rethink how they drive and what they drive. - 09-Jan-2006

GM, Flex Fuel and the Road to Energy Independence
Why push FFVs and E85? GM has several strategic reasons. First and foremost, the company has been under tremendous pressure from environmental groups and others to improve the fuel-efficiency of its vehicles. - 09-Jan-2006

Behind the Wheel of the '06 Civic Hybrid
One of only four cars with gasoline-electric hybrid power sold in the United States, the 2006 Civic Hybrid also is quieter and a bit larger inside than its predecessor and comes for the first time with six standard airbags. - 09-Jan-2006

Call For a New Energy Policy Centered Around Renewables
OpEd by Colorado Senator Ken Salazar and former Senator Tim Wirth. - 09-Jan-2006

VW and Iogen Consider Building Cellulosic Ethanol Plant
Cellulose ethanol is considered one of the more promising alternative fuels and is particularly popular with many environmentalists because it uses agricultural waste and would create a potentially important new market for farmers. - 09-Jan-2006

Chirac Spells Out France's 21st Century Energy Plan
French president recognizes 'after oil era' and global warming as factors in call for greater use of biofuels and new generation nuclear power plant. - 09-Jan-2006

Saturn Vue Goes Green Summer '06
Budget-priced Saturn will carry a price premium of $1,500 to $2,000, putting a hybrid SUV within reach of buyers who have about $21,500 to spend. - 09-Jan-2006