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Hybrid Driving Tips
New Hampshire Honda Insight owners shares his experience after driving 85,000 gas-electric miles. - 08-Jan-2006

Will Small Cars Finally Capture American Hearts?
Neil Winton, European columnist for Autos Insider questions the economics of expensive hybrids, but also see small cars as economical, practical and now driveable. - 08-Jan-2006

Manitoba Hydro to Test Plug-In Hybrid
Manitoba Hydro will launch a trial program early in the new year on the next step in lowering dependence on oil imports and cutting fossil fuel emissions -- the plug-in hybrid that also uses E85. - 08-Jan-2006

Caterpillar Spinoff Seeks Next-Gen Car Battery
Firefly has developed a graphite composite material it will use to replace the lead in lead acid batteries, reducing their weight by more than 50 percent. - 08-Jan-2006

Diversity On Road Ahead
Diverse approaches to fuels, powerplants and vehicle designs are being driven by simultaneous global needs to reduce smog-forming emissions, carbon dioxide (CO2) production, fossil fuel (oil and gas) consumption and traffic congestion. - 08-Jan-2006

New York Governor Encouraging Shift to Biofuels
Gov. George E. Pataki wants to change that and make ethanol and biodiesel, two controversial alternative fuels, available in the 27 service areas on the New York State Thruway and in 100 more stations throughout the state as early as this year. - 08-Jan-2006

New Hybrids Rolling Out As Insurers Offer Discounts
GM to debute hybrid Saturn VUE sport utility while Travelers Insurance offers 10 percent discount to hybrid car owners. - 08-Jan-2006

At L.A. Auto Show, Hybrids Are So, Like Last Year
While everyone else is buzzing about hybrids, Hollywood tastemakers and hipsters are already onto another gasoline alternative: biodiesel. - 08-Jan-2006

Ford Introduces 65 MPG Diesel-Electric Hybrid Reflex
Reflex features an advanced diesel-electric hybrid propulsion system that harnesses diesel, electric and solar power. This combination of power can deliver maximum fuel economy - up to 65 mpg - without compromising performance. - 10-Jan-2006

Getting Facts and Fiction Straight on Oil Crisis
If world demand continues to grow at 2 percent a year, then almost 160 million barrels a day will need to be extracted in 2035, twice as much as today; and meeting this demand is almost inconceivable. - 09-Jan-2006