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Europe Issues Tough Euro 5 Emission Standards
The new standards, set to take effect in 2008, would reduce key pollutants in fine particle emmissions from vans by up to 90 percent. - 06-Jan-2006

As New Hybrids Are Rolled Out, Will Sales Keep Pace?
GM plans to debut two hybrids using different drive systems, while Toyota rolls out its new Camry hybrid and Ford unviels diesel-electric sport concept vehicle. - 06-Jan-2006

PSA Peugeot Citroen To Unveil Two Diesel-Electric Hybrids
January 31, 2006 rollout conincides with French president Chirac's call to develop such cars within 10 years and to make them affordable. Current Peugot 307 pictured below. - 06-Jan-2006

Lean, Green Driving Machines Taking Center Stage
In 2005 Prius sales along surpassed all Suzuki and Isuzu models combined and were more than double the number of Hummers sold. Pictured below is Audi Q7 Hybrid concept vehicle. - 06-Jan-2006

Travelers Insurance to Offer 10 Percent Discount to Hybrid Owners
As of August there were 328,157 registered hybrids, with most in California. - 06-Jan-2006

Being Green Is The New Red, White and Blue
Sorry, but being green, focusing the nation on greater energy efficiency and conservation, is not some girlie-man issue, writes New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman. - 06-Jan-2006

Peak Oil And The Politics Of Global Solutions
Gareth Doutch asks, How are ordinary folk to convince their leaders to implement policies like the Oil Depletion Protocol? - 08-Jan-2006

Fuel Economy Drives Many to Make Hybrid Switch
Two drivers, two different hybrids, both with the same objective of saving fuel. - 08-Jan-2006

The Mileage-Per-Gallon Fraud
San Francisco's Alternative Daily looks at the problem of inaccurate EPA fuel economy numbers. - 08-Jan-2006

The E85 Loophole
Federal program to reduce oil consumption instead increases it. - 08-Jan-2006