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GM Launches Ad Campaign to Highlight E85 Models
List of E85 ethanol vehicles includes 2006 3.5L Chevy Impala and Monte Carlo. - 05-Jan-2006

Hybrid Vehicle Sales Forecast to Grow 268 Percent By 2012
Despite dramatic sales growth, hybrids will remain a small share of the U.S. market, reports J.D. Powers. - 05-Jan-2006

Carmakers Compete For 'King of Green' Title
They woo consumers with fuel-efficient models, from hybrids to quieter and cleaner diesels. - 05-Jan-2006

Hybrid's Alter Economics for Carmakers and Owners
Hybrid-drive technology is impacting auto manufacturing, selling, owning and repairing automoibles. - 05-Jan-2006

City Rethinks Hybrid Car Purchase
Florida community considering alternatives to purchase of Honda Accord Hybrid because of long break even point. - 05-Jan-2006

2005 Tax Changes Affecting Electric and Clean-Fuel Vehicles
According to the IRS, the original purchaser of a qualifying hybrid gas-electric car before 2006, may deduct $2,000 for the first year the vehicle is used. - 05-Jan-2006

Survey Sees U.S. Consumers Opting for Fuel Economy Over Utility
KPMG survey finds 87 percent of auto executives ranking hybrid cars as the top category, while seeing sales of larger, less fuel-efficient vehicles will decline over the next five years. - 05-Jan-2006

More Tax Incentives for Hybrids in 2006
The new credits against tax bills replace a deduction of up $2,000 from taxable income. - 05-Jan-2006

2005 Peak Oil Review
A peak oil caucus has been formed in the US House of Representatives and the administration has asked the National Petroleum Council to look into the future availability of 'affordable' oil. - 06-Jan-2006

Cleanpeace.Org Seeks Signers for Declaration of Energy Independence
Cleanpeace.org Declaration of Energy Independence, Security and Sustainability Seeks Transition to Renewable Energy, Pollution Reductions, Peak Oil Solutions, Eliminaiton of Incentives for Oil Wars. - 06-Jan-2006