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New Mexico Lawmakers Consider Renewable Energy Law
'Oil and gas won't last forever, we shouldn't wait till we run out,'says Rep. Anna Crook. - 30-Jan-2006

A Change in Climate on Nuclear Power
Political worries are driving a nuclear rethink in the West. - 30-Jan-2006

Climate Change Could Be Boon To California Industries
Managing Greenhouse Gas Emissions in California report finds that just eight policy strategies can take California halfway to the governor's 2020 targets while increasing the state's gross state product by $60 billion and adding 20,000 new jobs. - 30-Jan-2006

Global Warming Debate Shifts to 'Tipping Point'
The debate has been intensifying because Earth is warming much faster than some researchers had predicted. - 30-Jan-2006

Enova and IC Corp Develop First Hybrid School Bus
The project features Enova's post-transmission 80 kW Hybrid Drive System and is expected to improve fuel economy by 40 percent. - 31-Jan-2006

SatCon Wins Army Hybrid Electric Vehicle Integrated Starter Generator Contract
SatCon will leverage its Partnership for the Next Generation Vehicles development work and Advanced Integrated Power Module technology to provide the mating drive for the integrated starter generator. - 31-Jan-2006

The Future Is More Earth-friendly
Besides showing production-ready hybrids at the Detroit Auto Show, car companies also explored beyond what is found in the showroom with a variety of drivetrain and alternative-fuel solutions such as biofuels, ethanol, diesel-electric, solar and hydrogen. - 31-Jan-2006

Public Power Leading Charge for Plug-In Hybrid Vehicles
Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles would combine today's new gas-electric hybrid technology with larger batteries that could provide an all-electric operating range of 25 to 35 miles or more. The result is an 80+ mile-per-gallon vehicle. - 31-Jan-2006

DaimlerChrysler Approves B20 Biodiesel for New Dodge Ram
Use of the so-called B20 is approved effective with the 2007 Model Year Dodge Ram pickups equipped with Cummins diesel engines. - 31-Jan-2006

TS August Announces Plan for Affordable PHEVs
TSAugust proposed that a leasing corporation be established as a public-private partnership to lease batteries at a monthly rate approximately equal to the monthly cost of gasoline saved by the PHEV. - 31-Jan-2006