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Frightening Scenario: War with Iran
The loss of Iranian supply and the already stretched nature of production in the Arab world and elsewhere means prices of $150 per barrel are easily imaginable. - 27-Jan-2006

Plug 'n Play
Austin Energy's plug-in hybrid campaign has already won the endorsement of dozens of cities and towns, including Los Angeles, San Francisco and Denver, as well as Austin itself, and also more than 100 utility companies. - 27-Jan-2006

Are You Ready for $268 a Barrel Oil?
Two of the world's most successful investors say oil will be in short supply in the coming months. - 27-Jan-2006

Al Gore Accuses Big Oil of Supporting Canadian Tories to Protect Tar Sands
Darcie Park, spokeswoman for oilsands giant Suncor Energy, said she's taken aback by Gore's remarks and hopes they don't resonate with Canadians. - 27-Jan-2006

Osama's Secret Weapon
While we exhaust our resources "taking the fight to the terrorists" instead of massively investing in alternative energy, Osama's army will grow because Arabs know our military presence in the Middle East is all about the oil. - 28-Jan-2006

Global Warming: The Biggest Ignored Story of 2005
Editorial by sees reality of global warming and its economic implications on West Virginia coal industry. - 28-Jan-2006

Bringing Global Warming Home
California environmentalists and Silicon Valley companies rolled out a new plan Thursday to help South Bay businesses and the public compute how many pounds of "greenhouse gases" they are generating. - 28-Jan-2006

Hybrid Technologies Unveils EV Conversion Plant Amidst Questions
Jay Leno and Frito Lay dispute claims they are Hybrid Technologies' customers. - 28-Jan-2006

Biodiesel May Fuel The Future
Leftover vegetable oil is cheap...fast food restaurants in U.S. cities discard over 20 pounds of it per resident per year...but converting it to usable biodiesel requires an expensive chemical reaction. - 28-Jan-2006

Biodiesel Offers More Bang for Buck Than Ethanol
USDA research indicates that for every unit of energy it takes to make biodiesel, there are 3.4 units of energy produced compared to 1.6 for ethanol. - 28-Jan-2006