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Ohio Company Seeks Funding to Retrofit Electric Cars with Diesel Range Extender
City mileage is expected to be in the 150 to 175 MPG range, and due to the use of the unique Windharness power generator, highway mileage will range upwards of 375 MPG. - 26-Jan-2006

Environmental Benefits of Ethanol Remain Uncertain, Study Finds
The real benefits from ethanol will come when it can be produced economically from switch grass, trees and other woody plants. - 26-Jan-2006

Friedman on the State of the Nation
Thomas Friedman editorial offers his take on what Bush's State of the Union address should say about achieving national energy independence including buy-back program to crush gas-guzzlers. - 27-Jan-2006

The Meaning of Kuwait's Cooked Books
Byron King goes from the stripper wells of Titusville to declining oil fields of Kuwait. - 27-Jan-2006

Iran and Peak Oil
From a peak oil point of view, however, stoppage of Iranian exports either by formal UN embargo or by Tehran's retaliatory or preemptive cutting of exports (more likely) would be a seminal event. - 27-Jan-2006

China Encouraging Smaller Cars and Improved Fuel Efficiency
At least 84 Chinese cities have banned the small cars, using justifications ranging from noise and air pollution to their poor power and safety records and less attractive appearance. - 27-Jan-2006

The True Cost of Diesel
The new, cleaner, greener fuel being used now in New Zealand comes with a sometimes costly loophole: the lower sulphur fuel hardens the seals in the motor. - 27-Jan-2006

AutoNation CEO Tells Industry The Party Is Over
AIADA's energy symposium yields constructive dialogue on future of mobility. Photo of 2005 Chevy Montana Sport Flex-Fuel pickup. - 27-Jan-2006

Hydrogen Station Prepares for Converted Priuses
The vehicles and station are part of a $7 million South Coast Air Quality Management District pilot program to reduce air pollution in the region. - 27-Jan-2006

U.S. Consortium Develops Zero-Emission Transit Vehicles
The consortium is completing design work on a hybrid fuel cell transit vehicle that will service the downtown New Haven. - 27-Jan-2006