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Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles' Lobby Introduces Itself
A coalition of interests wants to show there's a demand for the highly efficient autos to reduce U.S. oil consumption. - 26-Jan-2006

The Nine Lives of ECD
MarketWatch commentator Herb Greenberg sees Energy Conversion Devices selling investors a stale tale. - 26-Jan-2006

Peoria-based Start-up Lands Military Battery Contract
The company's first-ever military contract is part of more than $280 million in federal spending bound for Illinois this year under a defense bill recently signed by President Bush. - 26-Jan-2006

Speakers See Bright Future for Biodiesel
The biofuel industry has created 147,000 new jobs across the country, added $1.3 billion to federal tax revenues, $1.2 billion in tax revenues to local governments and reduced the farm bill cost by $3.2 billion because of the increase in the value of farm commodities. - 26-Jan-2006

Pope Benedict XVI Drives GEM Electric Car
Pope Benedict XVI is tooling around the grounds of Vatican City in an electric car outfitted in luxurious Natuzzi Italian white leather. - 26-Jan-2006

Bush Tells Detroit to Build More Attractive Cars
President tells newspaper that he'd be reluctant to bail out nation's automakers just before GM posts devastating 4Q losses. - 26-Jan-2006

Getting Through the Wilderness Sees Hydrogen As Future Fuel
New Book Seeks to Enlighten, Empower Readers about Benefits of Alternative Energy. - 26-Jan-2006

Naples Couple Plugs In To Auto Industry With Electric Cars
There are about 56,000 neighborhood electric vehicles in use in 2004 -- up from about 3,000 a decade earlier. - 26-Jan-2006

Ener1 Group Hires Detroit Veteran to Evaluate Market for Lithium-ion Battery for Hybrid Cars
EnerDel is working closely with Japan-based ITOCHU Corporation and developing what may be the first HEV lithium-ion batteries to be mass manufactured in the U.S. - 26-Jan-2006

Johnson Controls and Saft Partner to Develop Hybrid Car Battery Systems
Johnson Control's involvement with lithium-ion batteries dates back to 2004 when the United States Advanced Battery Consortium granted it a contract for developing an abuse-tolerant lithium-ion battery. - 26-Jan-2006