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Ford to Offer First Flexible-Fuel Hybrid
The Ford Escape Hybrid E85,which debuted today at the Washington Auto Show, is a research vehicle that marries two petroleum-saving technologies: hybrid electric power and flexible-fuel capability. - 26-Jan-2006

AFS Trinity and Ricardo to Develop Plug-In Extreme Hybrid[tm] Car
Hybrid car would plug into house current to recharge battery pack that would allow the average driver to go more than 250 miles on a gallon of gasoline. - 07-Feb-2006

Big Three Tout Fuel Efficiency in D.C.
Ford unveils a concept ethanol-electric SUV as GM shows off diesel-electric buses at auto show. - 26-Jan-2006

Cities Join Push for Plug-In Hybrids
Los Angeles and Irvine are joining Austin in the Plug-In Partners national campaign, along with the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power and municipal utilities in Anaheim, Burbank and Pasadena. - 26-Jan-2006

Ford's Claycomo Plant Dodges Closure 'Bullet'
Plant build's profit F150 pickup and hybrid versions of the Escape and Mariner SUVs. - 26-Jan-2006

GM Spins Its Mileage Numbers
Applying GM's logic, Honda can boast that 60 percent of its models get a rating of at least 30 mpg from the EPA compared to just 29 percent for GM. - 26-Jan-2006

Democrat Governors Push Healthcare and Energy Subsidies
The Democratic governors' plan would divert $2.6 billion in U.S. subsidies to oil companies to develop alternative energy sources such as coal gasification, wind and solar power. - 26-Jan-2006

Coalition Turns On to Plug-In Hybrids
Utilities, Localities, DaimlerChrysler Give Traction to UC Davis Professor Andy Frank's Drive For High Mileage - 26-Jan-2006

While Ford Shows Flex-fuel Hybrid, Coalition Pushes Plug-in Hybrids
The plug-in hybrid coalition includes city governments, electric utilities, environmental groups and national security organizations. - 26-Jan-2006

Austin Mayor Pitches Plug-in Hybrids in Nation's Capital
Austin already has 11,000 signatures from local citizens and soft orders of more than 600 vehicles from local governments and businesses. - 26-Jan-2006