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Ford Dealers Hope Hybrids Will Lead Way Out of Morass
Ford president Mark Fields says the way forward begins in the design studio, as well as building more gas-electric versions of its product line. - 25-Jan-2006

New Zealand Considers Penalties and Incentives on Car Efficiency
New Zealand Motor Industry Association will strenuously oppose a move to copy France, where car taxes are graduated according to engine size, or Britain, where charges are based on vehicle's CO2 emissions per kilometre. - 25-Jan-2006

California Could Cash In On Climate Change Efforts
UC Berkeley report finds that efforts to meet meet Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's global warming emissions targets could reap $60 billion in economic benefits. - 25-Jan-2006

London Climate Change Funding Includes Cycling Network Improvements
Also included will be work to deliver a new large-scale exemplary sustainable development in London, using renewables and the most energy efficient building design with no net carbon emissions. - 25-Jan-2006

Europeans Lukewarm on Nuclear Energy, Study Finds
The Eurobarometer poll showed 12 percent of those surveyed favoured developing the use of nuclear energy, while 48 percent supported solar and 31 percent backed wind power development. - 25-Jan-2006

Renewable Energy Sources Are Gaining Popularity
As energy costs soar in the wake of the 2005 hurricane season, interest wind and solar power is soaring in Cape Cod area. - 25-Jan-2006

National Coalition Urges Carmakers To Produce Plug-In Hybrid Cars
Already almost a dozen cities, over 100 public power utilities, businesses and a host of national policy groups have signed on to the Plug-In Partners campaign. - 25-Jan-2006

Valence Expands Lithium-Ion Battery Line
The four new U-Charge RT Power Systems each feature built-in battery management electronics for voltage, temperature and state-of-charge monitoring and cell balancing. - 25-Jan-2006

Li-ion-powered Cars Coming
Subaru, Toyota, and other carmakers are looking to lithium-ion battery technology to power the next stage of hybrid evolution - 25-Jan-2006

Diesels and Hybrids Gaining U.S. Marketshare
Freedonia study forecasts diesels and hybrid-electric technologies will power a much larger percentage of all new light vehicles in 2014, while fuel cells remain a more distant promise. - 25-Jan-2006