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Save Fuel and Money By Playing the "Gasoline Game"
Peter Navarro is the author of "The Well-Timed Strategy" and plays the gas game commuting to UC Irvine. - 23-Jan-2006

Can This Man Save The American Auto Industry?
Part rebel, part prince, Bill Ford believes a green revolution can fix his family's troubled company. But can he make cars you'll crave? - 23-Jan-2006

Live Webcast: Launch of National Campaign for Plug-In Hybrids
Learn How America Can Dramatically Reduce Its Gas Consumption, Dependence on Foreign Oil, and Greenhouse Gas Emissions - 24-Jan-2006

Energizing America
Frank Gaffney urges George Bush to run against-type for a man from the Oil Patch by charting a course for setting America free of its dependence on oil. - 24-Jan-2006

New Civic Hybrid Not Exactly a Gas to Drive
Toyota seems far more enthusiastic about gas-electric hybrids than Honda, which thinks such vehicles are stopgaps until more fuel-efficient vehicles can be produced. - 24-Jan-2006

Cities Joining Forces to Encourage Development of Plug-in Hybrids
Austin, Texas, to announce soft orders for 600 electric plug-in hybrids, but will carmakers build? - 24-Jan-2006

Amidst Deep Job Cuts, Ford Promises Greater Focus on Hybrids
Ford told Time there would be greater emphasis on hybrid gasoline-electric engines and other environment innovations and bolder designs. - 24-Jan-2006

Detroit Trying to Find the Road Ahead
The American auto industry is used to getting its head handed to it on a silver platter the Japanese, Koreans... and quite soon the Chinese. - 24-Jan-2006

Cloudy With a Chance of Chaos
Excerpt from The Winds of Change contends climate change may bring more violent weather swings -- and sooner -- than experts had thought. - 24-Jan-2006

Ethanol: The Forever Fuel
Ethanol is the answer to the energy dilemma. It's clean and green and runs in today's cars. - 24-Jan-2006