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Hybrid Car Tax Break Could Take Bureaucratic Detour
New tax credit begins phasing out once an automaker sells 60,000 of the eligible vehicles between now and the end of 2010. - 22-Jan-2006

Ford's Entry-Level Hybrid SUV
The Escape Hybrid gets better mileage than Toyota's much pricier entries, and it's a reasonable off-road performer. Reliability could be an issue. - 22-Jan-2006

Ford Must Innovate Before It's Too Late
OpEd by Bloomberg columnist Doron Levin argues that some American consumers have defected for good and now drive Hondas, Toyotas and other non-Detroit vehicles. - 22-Jan-2006

Saudi King Abdullah Begins Asian Tour, Signaling Shift in Foreign Policy
Visits to China, India, Malaysia and Pakistan are significant because the trip spells out the Saudi Kingdom's Look East policy, representing a new reorientation in its foreign policy that was heavily tilted toward the West. - 22-Jan-2006

Montreal Officials Want to Buy 14 Hybrid-Electric Buses
But Quebec manufacturer Nova can't have vehicles on the market before 2007. - 23-Jan-2006

Earth 2050: Not So Gloomy a Forecast
But people must begin to manage its ecosystems to put the planet on a sustainable path, a new report says. - 23-Jan-2006

Anglicans Join Protest of Global Warming
In addition to Anglican Church participation, World Council of Churches also sent a significant delegation to UN Climate Change conference in Montreal, including representatives not only from Canada, the U.S., Fiji, Finland, Jamaica, Argentina, Russia and the Philippines. - 23-Jan-2006

U.S. Energy Policy Ought to Send Iran a Lasting Message
Ronald Brownstein editorial urges U.S. send a message to Iran that includes a grand domestic compromise that bundles together tougher fuel economy standards; mandates (sweetened with incentives) for auto manufacturers to build more high-mileage vehicles and for utilities to generate more electricity with renewable energy; and expanded access for producers to some environmentally sensitive domestic supplies. - 23-Jan-2006

Meet the FolksCamry
Toyota retools its classic -- now it's roomier, more muscular , and less Spartan -- to appeal to young buyers - 23-Jan-2006

Ford Works to Come Up With a Better Idea
The automaker, like rivals GM and Chrysler, is being forced to retool operations as its share of the U.S. market declines. - 23-Jan-2006