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A Climate Change Chorus Falls on One Deaf Ear
Six former EPA administrators urge action on global warming, but the Bush administration still isn't listening - 21-Jan-2006

Addressing Climate Change For Our Grandchildren
Editorial by Gordon McBean, a professor in the departments of Geography and Political Science and co-director of the University of Western Ontario's Institute for Catastrophic Loss Reduction. - 21-Jan-2006

Kuwait Oil Reserves Only Half Official Estimate, Reports Petroleum Industry Weekly
Of the current remaining 48 billion barrels of proven and non-proven reserves, only about 24 billion barrels are so far fully proven. - 21-Jan-2006

Toyota Shows Off Its New, Improved Camry
95 precent of all Camrys, including new hybrid, will be built in Toyota's Georgetown, Ky. plant, with production commencing in February 2006. - 26-Jan-2006

230+ MPH Eliica Debuts in Japan
Capable of speeds in excess of 230mph, the eight-wheel Eliica - electric lithium-ion battery car - has an 800bhp engine and can reach 60mph in just 4sec. - 22-Jan-2006

Towards A New Path of Industrialization
While the electric bicycle carrying a single driver is 15-20 times more efficient than a small car, China has plans in becoming one of the world's largest manufacturers of automobiles. - 22-Jan-2006

Energy Efficient Transportation Rolls Into Maryland Community
Maryland Internet company uses Segway as promotional 'vehicle'. - 22-Jan-2006

German-based Masterflex Develops Fuel Cell Bicycles
Masterflex AG is working on a new mode of transportation: fuel-cell powered bicycles and three-wheeled cargo bikes. - 22-Jan-2006

Pedicabs Popping Up On Orlando's International Drive
Shops, hotels and restaurants have long competed for the cash that floods the tourist corridor during Orlando's convention season. Now another contest is brewing in the streets, one that includes pedicabs and Segways. - 22-Jan-2006

Honda To Begin Selling Accord Hybrid in Korea
Japanese carmakers are planning to market their worldclass hybrid cars here, signaling a wake-up call for South Korean competitors who are in the early stage of commercializing their environmentally friendly models. - 22-Jan-2006