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What They Don't Want You to Know About the Coming Oil Crisis
Excerpts from Jeremy Leggett's Half Gone: Oil, Gas, Hot Air and the Global Energy Crisis. - 20-Jan-2006

Japan's Koizumi Has Electric Car Dream
Japanese Prime Minister Koizumi test drove the Eliica pictured below and dubbed the eight-wheel electric car developed by a group of researchers at Keio University an energy revolution. The car has a top speed of 370 km/h and a range of 300 kilometers. - 20-Jan-2006

The Hybrid Hoax
Volkswagen Jetta diesel beats Toyota Prius hybrid in 500 test drive between Ann Arbor and Washington, D.C. - 21-Jan-2006

Demand For Diesel, Hybrid-Electric Engines Growing
Full hybrid engines with large high-voltage battery packs have grown 44.3% annually between 1999 through 2004 while mild hybrid engines have grown 126.3% annually during the same period. - 21-Jan-2006

Powering Up a New Breed of Batteries
Although lithium ion remains the king in portable gadgets, one of the most talked-about new technologies is the fuel cell. These create electricity from a simple reaction, typically that of a methanol and water mixture and air. They're generating interest because they can provide a relatively large amount of power from a small amount of inexpensive fuel. - 21-Jan-2006

Green Car Advocates Respond to Ford’s Announcement that Worker Layoffs is “The Way Forward”
Reports indicate that going green would create more jobs for the auto industry. - 21-Jan-2006

Academic Proposes Wind Turbines to Fight Climate Change
To prevent Europe from freezing over,Dr. Peter Flynn suggests that 8,100 barges mounted with wind turbines and water pumps could be frozen into the sea ice. - 21-Jan-2006

Asia Pacific Six Locks World in Four Degrees Global Warming
Analysis by the Australian Bureau of Agriculture and Resource Economics shows global emissions will in fact increase by 100 per cent by 2050 under the Partnership plan. - 21-Jan-2006

South Dakota House Approves Renewable Energy Credit Trading System
Energy producers then can sell the credits to utilities or companies that need the credits to comply with regulations requiring that a certain amount of their power comes from renewable sources. - 21-Jan-2006

Hawaii Not Meeting Renewable Energy Goals
Legislation passed in 2004 requires electric utilities to meet a renewable portfolio standard of 15 percent for 2015 and a goal of 20 percent for 2020. - 21-Jan-2006