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Feds Need to Switch Gears on Fuel Economy
Newspaper editorial supportive of EPA plans to revamp new car mileage estimates, but also wants to see CAFE standards raised gradually ove ten years. - 20-Jan-2006

Scottish Research Reveals Rapid Climate Change
Temperatures have increased in every season and in all parts of Scotland since 1961, as has rainfall. - 20-Jan-2006

Asia-Pacific Partnership Launches Clean Energy Fund
Australia and the US have earmarked $127 million to launch the fund. - 20-Jan-2006

California EPA Chairman Resigns
Official resignation letter from Dr. Allan Lloyd. - 20-Jan-2006

OECD Issues U.S. Environmental Report Card
Despite progress in some areas, OECD recommends that the U.S. play a more proactive role in dealing with global environmental concerns. - 20-Jan-2006

Consumer Impressions of New Civic Hybrid
The new Civic brings a roomier interior, more spunk under the hood, and fuel mileage around 40 mpg on the highway. - 20-Jan-2006

Hybrid Technologies Develops Lithium-Powered Concept Vehicle
The vehicle is a pilot project aimed at breaking the current world Land Speed Record for a production hybrid, which is currently held by Toyota's Prius. - 20-Jan-2006

Will We Ignore Our Sputnik?
Thomas Friedman sees the future in Detroit and worries about an energy crisis that is bigger and badder than the 1970's. - 20-Jan-2006

UAW Vision for 21st Century Auto Industry Jobs
President Ron Gettelfinger calls for industry retooling build hybrids, flexible-fuel and clean diesel vehicles. Excerpted comments. - 20-Jan-2006

Millennium Ecosystem Assessment Sees Necessity for Green Future
Green technologies seen as one way to improve the future of both the planet and its residents. - 20-Jan-2006