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Ford's Small, Sassy Fuel-Saver
Under the bonnet of Reflex concept car is a diesel-electric hybrid that Ford claims uses just 3.6 litres of fuel per 100km. - 19-Jan-2006

Ecologists Unmoved By Green Wave In Advertising
Besides challenging General Electric and Ford Motor Company claims for environmental responsibility, one California group took out full-page newspaper ads questioning Toyota Motor's environmentalist credentials. - 19-Jan-2006

Bracing For the Day The Oil Runs Out
London conference on peak oil presented both sides of the debate, but everyone is agreed that when peak oil does happen, its impact on the world economy. - 19-Jan-2006

UK MP Takes Heat for Dropping Gas-Guzzling Jag
Sir Menzies is the owner of a G Reg, model V12,5.3 litre Jaguar XJ-S, made in Coventry, and is similar to one pictured here. - 19-Jan-2006

Former EPA Chiefs Blame Bush in Global Warming
All of the former administrators raised their hands when EPA's current chief, Stephen Johnson, asked whether they believe global warming is a real problem, and again when he asked if humans bear significant blame. - 19-Jan-2006

What Car Do You Need?
MSNBC offers guidance on developing a simple spreadsheet to help you zero in on the right vehicle. - 20-Jan-2006

Revamping America's Deadend Lifestyle
There is a high quality - low material impact, meaningful, fun and healthy lifestyle that is possible just as your IPOD replaces tons of costly vinyl. - 21-Jan-2006

Keeping Warm in the Face of Peak Oil
50 percent of the gas we will want in 2010 has not yet been discovered. - 20-Jan-2006

Appeal of Hybrid Cars Continues to Grow
Compared with a standard sedan of similar size, one of the best-selling hybrids, the Toyota Prius, produces 5,203 fewer pounds of carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas; 2.4 fewer pounds of nitrogen oxides, which contribute to ozone; and 2.6 fewer pounds of hydrocarbons, the soot that turns ozone to smog. - 20-Jan-2006

Honda Civic Hybrid Awarded 'Best New Alternative Power'
A new generation of Honda's Integrated Motor Assist (IMA) technology helps the Civic achieve an estimated fuel economy rating of 4.7 L/100km (city) and 4.3 L/100km (highway) - improved from the 2005 Civic Hybrid's figures of 4.9 and 4.6 L/100km. - 20-Jan-2006