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Alternative Minimum Tax Could Wipe Out Hybrid Tax Credit
Anyone subject to the Alternative Minium Tax, which can include better-off, environmentally-friendly taxpayers, will get find their AMT will increase by the amount of the hybrid tax credit. - 18-Jan-2006

Corpus Christi City Council Votes to Purchase Plug-in Hybrids
Vote calls for city manager to purchase flexible-fuel, plug-in hybrid vehicles after presentation by former Austin Energy executive. - 18-Jan-2006

Chinese Dragon at Detroit's Gate
In light of China's rise and the prospects of soaring oil prices Congress faces two options: help Detroit save itself now or bail it out later. - 18-Jan-2006

China Sets Renewable Energy Quotas for Power Companies
Chinese power companies with an installed capacity of over 5 gigawatts must ensure 5 percent of their power generators are fueled by renewable energy sources by 2010. - 18-Jan-2006

Broad Coalition Supports Renewable Energy Bills in Missouri
Support for renewable energy in Missouri is enjoying bi-partisan, statewide support from 30 co-sponsors and 20 statewide organizations representing rural communities and cities, including faith groups and labor unions. - 18-Jan-2006

Egypt To Issue Int'l Tender for 85 MW Wind Power Project
In addition to wind farm, Egypt is due to also establish its first 150 megawatt thermal solar power plant from grants provided by Japan, Denmark and Spain. - 18-Jan-2006

Nano-based Lithium Battery for Hybrids A Step Closer
Altair Nanotechnologies Lithium Ion Battery Cells Exceed HEV Power Requirements of U.S. FreedomCAR - 18-Jan-2006

Blunting the Oil Weapon
Excerpt from 10 Steps America Must Take to Prevail in the War for the Free World. - 18-Jan-2006

Iraq's Oil Shock
As the country's energy nightmare continues, US troops are using nearly 40 times more fuel per day than the average, increasingly angry Iraqi. Registration required at Slate. - 19-Jan-2006

Fuel or Food?
Corn Farmers Smile as Ethanol Prices Rise, but Experts on Food Supplies Worry - 19-Jan-2006