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Earth's Rising Fever
Gaia theorist James Lovelock is the bearer of bad news: the earth is about to slip into a 100,000 year coma that will cost a billion lives before this century is out. - 17-Jan-2006

Jump In CO2 Levels Alarm Scientists
Preliminary figures show that levels of the gas have risen abruptly in the past four years. - 17-Jan-2006

Vegetable Oil May Be Fuel of the Future
Pensacola pair form Northwest Florida's first bio-diesel business. - 17-Jan-2006

Hybrid Cars Can Have a Future In India
Mahindra unveiled India's first SUV with the advantage of a hybrid powertrain called Scorpio-HEV (hybrid electric vehicle) at the ongoing New Delhi Auto Expo. - 17-Jan-2006

Amid Hybrid Hype, a Lonely Advocate of Fuel Cells
No longer sexy, fuel cells have been eclipsed in the media's mind and, thus, in the mind of the public, by gas- and diesel-electric hybrid technology. - 17-Jan-2006

Toyota Shows Big Three How It's Done
As G.M. and Ford are closing plants, Toyota is opening new ones, at sharply lower labor costs - which still include health care and retirement plans - than its American rivals. - 17-Jan-2006

Firefly Receives U.S. Patent on Carbon Foam Battery
The graphite material resists corrosion and sulfation build-up, thus contributing to longer battery life and is lighter in weight than today's lead acid batteries. - 18-Jan-2006

Asia-Pacific Partnership Signals Shift in Gov't Attitudes
The call for industry to lead the technological charge reflects an emerging awareness within governments. - 18-Jan-2006

Nuclear Power Won't Help Global Warming Fight
Senior research fellow at the UK's Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research, said claims that nuclear power was the only way for Britain to meet demanding greenhouse gas targets were fundamentally wrong. - 18-Jan-2006

$3 Gasoline Headed America's Way Again
Summer travel likely to spur demand for gasoline as Americans take vacations. - 18-Jan-2006