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Pataki Wants to Fund $24 Million Alternative Fuel Research Lab
Hybrid cars to also get 10 percent discount on Thruway tolls,. - 16-Jan-2006

Toyota Unveils Redesigned Estima Minivan
Toyota will redesign the gasoline-electric hybrid version of the Estima for domestic sales in Japan later this year. - 16-Jan-2006

Diesels Are Back!
Mercedes-Benz confirmed that it will introduce five diesel models beginning this fall. Honda, BMW, Nissan and the Chrysler group each confirmed plans to add diesels to their lineups over the next three to four years. Photo: Mercedes E-320 BlueTec diesel. - 16-Jan-2006

New EPA Labels Likely To Impact Hybrids the Most
Cost-conscious shoppers likely will broaden their searches for vehicles that meet their needs but still achieve the fuel economy they expect, the analysts predict. - 16-Jan-2006

Hybrid Cars Tax Credit Confusing
The new rules: If you buy a new hybrid and put it on the road in 2006, you could be covered by a tax credit, not a deduction. - 16-Jan-2006

Next Wave of Hybrids Getting an Exciting New Makeover
Even longtime hybrid doubters like Robert Lutz, vice chairman of GM, are admitting that the systems have gone mainstream. Photo: Toyota Camry Hybrid. - 16-Jan-2006

EPA Fesses Up About Gas Mileage. So Should DOT.
Congress has to change the law before Department of Transportation can change how it calculates its fuel standards for carmakers. - 16-Jan-2006

Sandia Researchers Seek Ways to Make Lithium-ion Batteries Work Longer, Safer
Batteries could soon replace standard nickel-metal hydride batteries in hybrid vehicles. PHOTO: Sandia researcher Brad Hance examines a lithium-ion battery that may someday be put in a hybrid car. - 16-Jan-2006

Gaia: Past The Point of No Return
Thirty years ago, the scientist James Lovelock worked out that the Earth possessed a planetary-scale control system which kept the environment fit for life. He called it Gaia, and the theory has become widely accepted. Now, he believes mankind's abuse of the environment is making that mechanism work against us. His astonishing conclusion - that climate change is already insoluble, and life on Earth will never be the same again. - 17-Jan-2006

Asia Pacific Partnership Summit Fails to Fight Global Warming
World's biggest polluters seek to undermine Kyoto Protocol by agreeing only to seek to slow the rate at which emissions are increasing. - 17-Jan-2006