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In The Future We Will Tax the Odometer, Not the Fuel Guage
A look at the advantages of a mileage-based tax. - 14-Jan-2006

The Small Car Becomes 'Big' in Detroit
Automakers are betting that rising gasoline prices will continue to push consumers toward more environmentally friendly vehicles, even if smaller cars might lead to smaller profits. 2007 Honda Fit introduced at North American International Auto Show. - 14-Jan-2006

Turning Up the Heat on Hybrid Cars
Toyota Motor pushed the hybrid envelope further this week by unveiling two high-profile cars equipped with the alternative powertrain at the annual Detroit auto show, but competitors responded by cranking up the volume to promote rival clean-engine technologies. PHOTO: Toyota Voltra hybrid-electric concept sports car. - 14-Jan-2006

Energy Impasse
Drilling America's way out of its energy dependency is an 'utterly impossible task' says New York Times editorial. - 14-Jan-2006

Carmakers On a Green Streak
This year, it's hybrids galore, large and small including the BMW X-3 Active Hybrid similar to that depicted below. - 14-Jan-2006

ENV Fuel Cell Motorbike Debuts at Tokyo FC Expo
Intelligent Energy will also be exhibiting its 10 kW automotive fuel cell system, which it is developing in partnership with PSA Peugeot Citro├źn, as well as a 75 kW PEM fuel cell stack and a compact hydrogen generator capable of multi-fuel cell operation. Photo: EV World correspondent Richard Harding test drives ENV FC motorbike at Donington Grand Prix Circuit Dec. 7, 2005. - 16-Jan-2006

Chinese Hybrid Prototype to Use Two Engines
Tongji University and Shanghai Maple Automobile, a privately run car manufacturer, are working together to design three models of hybrid cars, which are expected to go into small-scale production in 2008. SMA is a subsidiary of China's largest carmaker, Geely. - 16-Jan-2006

Protonex Awarded USAF Contract for Fuel Cell UAV
Spider Lion Micro UAV during more than 3 hour test flight using Protonex fuel cell power system. - 16-Jan-2006

While Hybrids Steal Show at Indian Auto Expo, It's the Diesels That Rake in the Moolah
Bosch board member Bernard Bohr sees diesel's share of Indian car and utility vehicle market rise to 37 percent by 2010. - 16-Jan-2006

New York's Pataki Wants Incentives for Hybrid Car Owners
Wide ranging energy proposals, including HOV access for cars that average at least 45 mpg and meet air quality standards, will be part of Pataki 2006-07 budget. - 16-Jan-2006