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Nuclear Power Absent From Global Warming Action Plan
Fears of nuclear proliferation remain obstacle to development of nuclear power. - 13-Jan-2006

Climate Change Needs Strategy, Not Theology
Too often the protagonists line up information, untested theory, supposition and rumour as ammunition for what looks to most people more like a theological contest than a rational discussion about science and our response to the challenges posed by meteorological variations in recent years. - 13-Jan-2006

Smell the Gazprom
One day there'll be a world free of dirty fossil fuels. In the meantime, Russia's natural gas smells good. - 13-Jan-2006

Heinberg Warns About Implications of Peak Oil
While it can't be predicted exactly when Peak Oil will occur, Heinberg said it is not a distant concern. - 13-Jan-2006

First Chinese Model Bursts on Scene in Detroit
Chinese vehicles will be a threat to established U.S. auto sellers because vehicles from China are likely to be much cheaper than those from Europe, Japan or North America. - 13-Jan-2006

EPA Sticker Shock
The estimate for how many miles per gallon a vehicle would get in city driving would drop 10 percent to 20 percent from today's labels with the new test. - 13-Jan-2006

US Treasury Secretary Details Hybrid Car Tax Breaks
The tax credits are limited in the sense that they will be phased out for each manufacturer once that company has sold 60,000 eligible vehicles. - 13-Jan-2006

China and India Forge Oil Alliance
Under their agreement, Chinese and Indian oil companies will establish a formal procedure to exchange information about a possible bid target, before agreeing to co-operate formally. - 13-Jan-2006

Relocalization Comes to Boulder
Relocalization supports local farming and increased production of food in community gardens or greenhouses as a response to rising energy costs and peak oil. - 14-Jan-2006

China Sets Renewable Energy Quota for Power Companies
China has told power companies that 5 percent of their electricity will have to come from renewable energy sources by 2010, increasing to 10 percent by 2020. - 14-Jan-2006