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Fuel Efficiency vs. Reality
Under the new methods, the city fuel mileage estimates for most vehicles would drop 10 to 20 percent from today's estimates, depending on the vehicle. - 12-Jan-2006

Toyota Debuts Fine-T Fuel Cell Vehicle
The Fine-T's interior features a substantial amount of plant-sourced, 'carbon-neutral' materials. - 12-Jan-2006

Hybrid Car Buyers to Receive Tax Breaks
The breaks will come in the form of tax credits, and they range from $3,150 for buyers of the Toyota Prius to $250 for Chevrolet's Silverado pickup truck. - 12-Jan-2006

Intelligent Energy To Provide Fuel Cell For Peugeot Electric Cars
Under this joint programme, Intelligent Energy will utilise its proprietary Proton Exchange Membrane fuel cell technology in order to deliver a series of advanced, compact and efficient 10kW systems, which will be configured to fit within PSA Peugeot Citroen's electric vehicle architecture. - 13-Jan-2006

Find Couple More Planets or Face Global Oil War
Worldwatch Institute report predicts that if the economies of China and India continue to grow at their current rate, the world will not be able to produce enough oil to meet demand by 2050 - 12-Jan-2006

Comprehensive Energy Bill to Radically Reduce Hawaii's Oil Dependence
Republican Governor Linda Lingle's "Energy for Tomorrow" bill embraces Winning the Oil Endgame's strategy to reduce oil dependence through efficiency, renewables, and biofuels while strengthening the economy through agricultural revitalization. - 13-Jan-2006

Energy Independence Summit Learns About Plug-In Hybrids From Firefly Panelist
Firefly's Mil Ovan reported that his firm's new battery will be ess expensive than either the nickel metal hydride batteries currently used in hybrid electric vehicles or lithium batteries contemplated for future use in hybrid electric vehicles. - 13-Jan-2006

New Hybrid Vehicles Debut at a Critical Time for the Technology, says ABI Research
Two ABI Research studies, 'Hybrid Electric Vehicles' and 'Commercial Hybrid Electric Vehicles' are available as part of the company's 'Automotive Systems Research Service' - 13-Jan-2006

Algae Could Be Key to Reducing Smokestack CO2
Dr. Berzin thinks if he could find the right strain of algae, he could turn the nation's greenhouse-gas-belching power plants into clean-green generators with an attached algae farm next door. - 13-Jan-2006

Refusal to Do Something About Global Warming is Shameful
Another Voice OpEd by Barbara Jezioro contends that by burning fossil fuels such as coal, oil and natural gas, human beings are adding 7 billion tons of carbon to the atmosphere every year. - 13-Jan-2006