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DWI Case Determines Electric Scooters are 'Legal'
Three-judge panel of the North Carolina Court of Appeals unanimously upheld DWI conviction, ruling that the electric scooter fits the definition of a "vehicle" under state law. - 02-Jan-2006

BART Station To Model the Future
The Pleasant Hill BART station is a bustling fusion of transportation alternatives that will allow workers to leave their cars at home but not surrender their mobility. - 02-Jan-2006

GM, Daimler and BMW Unveil Their Hybrid Drive Plans
The three-way collaboration aims to jointly develop a system to control a gasoline engine and electric motor and technology to make the motor as compact as possible, while offering both low-speed and high-speed performance. - 03-Jan-2006

Hybrid-Electric Drive Is Key To Fuel Efficiency
World Business Council for Sustainable Development study revealed that greenhouse-gas emissions from transport would treble in the next 50 years, necessitating the 'critical' need for lower emissions and improved fuel efficiency. - 03-Jan-2006

Toyota Doubling Number of Hybrid Technicians
Company expects five thousand technicians trained in 2005 through its University of Toyota, located in Torrance, CA. - 03-Jan-2006

The Year In Innovations Includes Breakthrough Battery Technology
A123 System's lithium-ion batteries offer exponential improvements in power, life and recharging time compared with other batteries. - 03-Jan-2006

More Cities Looking to Hybridize Bus and Taxi Fleets
Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley has proposed an ordinance requiring any fleet owner with 50 or more medallions to have at least one hybrid or alternative-fuel vehicle by June 2007. - 03-Jan-2006

Five Chinese Cities Test Clean Hythane Fuel in Buses
Hythane, a blend of hydrogen with natural gas, could power as many as 10,000 diesel buses in China, resulting in a 50 percent reduction in emissions compared to traditional natural gas. - 03-Jan-2006

Honda Hybrid and Fuel Cell Cars to Highlight New Delhi Auto Expo
Honda to debut its Insight petrol-electric hybrid (pictured below) and its FCX fuel cell demonstrator. - 03-Jan-2006

Study Raises Concerns About Carbon Sequestration Strategy
Duke University team finds that tree plantations could trigger environmental changes that outweigh some of the benefits, including could trigger environmental changes that outweigh some of the benefits. - 04-Jan-2006