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Hybrids Incite Road Raves
The number of gas-electric hybrids on the road is small, but interest is growing in these gas-efficient and environmental friendly vehicles - 11-Jan-2006

Faith in Technology Seen As Answer to Global Warming
Washington will brandish its faith in technology to solve global warming with the launch of a six-nation climate pact in Australia this week, but critics say it looks half-hearted without tough targets or incentives. - 11-Jan-2006

Ford, GM Make Big Push To Promote 'Flex-Fuel' Vehicles
Ford and GM combined plan to produce 650,000 vehicles this year that can use E85, which currently costs about $2 a gallon. - 11-Jan-2006

Ford's Mark Fields Says Auto Companies Must 'Change or Die'
GM's plan to continue to focus on large, though somewhat more fuel efficient sport utility vehicles is 'old thinking'says Ford's American president. - 11-Jan-2006

EPA Plans to Revise Automotive Fuel-Efficiency Tests
Tests by Consumer Reports found that EPA sticker estimates were optimistic for 90 percent of the cars and were off in some cases by as much as 50 percent. - 12-Jan-2006

TRW Automotive Unveils Portfolio of Technologies For Hybrid Electric Vehicles
The products and systems range from simple lighter weight components to advanced braking technologies such as TRW's Slip Control Boost, a fully integrated slip control system, as well as electrically powered hydraulic steering systems. - 12-Jan-2006

Where's My Chevette?
The economic argument against investing in oil companies suggests that high gasoline prices will cause demand to fall and prices at the pump to recede. Looking at the new offerings from the Detroit Auto Show, Robert Aronen wonders how consumers are going to buy small cars when such vehicles aren't rolling off the assembly lines. - 12-Jan-2006

Over the Peak
No one knows when oil production will start declining, but we must focus on alternatives to petroleum now. - 12-Jan-2006

Toyota's Rival Turn Up Heat on Hybrid Marketshare
Other manufacturers introducing hybrid, as well as 'clean' diesel engines, including Nissan which plans to offer diesel-powered cars in North America. - 12-Jan-2006

Toyota Delays Launch of New Tundra Pickup
The company is studying offering both heavy-duty and hybrid gasoline-electric Tundras. Lentz said the automaker isn't sure how big the market for such models will be. - 12-Jan-2006