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Toyota's Prius Points to the Future
The world's cleanest family car is adopting a fresh face for 2006 with changes to the styling of its headlamps and rear light clusters, and a restyled front grille. - 01-Jan-2006

Tracking the Evolution of Golf Cars
The 2004 Lido 'Woody' neighborhood electric vehicle decked out to resemble Chrysler PT Cruiser is far cry from the original electric golf carts of the past. Photo courtesy of BobsClassics.com. - 01-Jan-2006

The Neatest Nanotech of 2005
Technology Review picks five important advances in nanotechnology and materials science in 2005 -- and one policy issue that could decide the future of the entire field. - 01-Jan-2006

Five Key Automotive Trends in 2006
Smaller cars and more hybrids are emerging trends among carmakers, both foreign and domestic, including the introduction this year in North America of the Toyota Yaris, pictured below. - 08-Jan-2006

Europe Warming to Renewable Energy, While U.S. Lags Further Behind
The U.S. share of global production of photovoltaic cells has dropped from 45 percent in 1996 to 8 percent today. - 02-Jan-2006

New Mexico Congressman Raises Alarm on Peak Oil
Peak oil is a global problem that has to be dealt with by a global approach, whether it's 5, 10, 15 years in the future, or already upon us, Congressman Tom Udall warns. - 02-Jan-2006

Tracking Automotive Strategies For 2006
Interview with CarsDirect director of pricing strategy and market analysis, Mark McCready. - 02-Jan-2006

China Eyes Global Auto Market
In the first 10 months of 2005, China's exported autos increased 133.6 percent year on year. For the first time, auto exports exceeded the import by 7,000 units, including 105 electric cars exported to the U.S. Photo of Miles ZX-40, an electric car it plans to import from China. - 02-Jan-2006

Heckeroth's History of California Zero Emission Vehicle Mandate
Although the electric vehicles were in great demand and profitable, Heckeroth said, they apparently weren't as profitable as the more polluting SUVs. - 02-Jan-2006

The Streets Ahead: Smart, Robotic Electric Cars You Share
The wheel robots, complete with their own suspension, remove the need for a drive shaft and even the engine block, freeing up designers to make new use of the space in the car. - 02-Jan-2006