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USA Prepares for Hybrid 'Onslaught'
Sales of hybrid cars in the US are set to double in 2005, research suggests. - 11-Jan-2005

That '70s Auto Show: Fuel Economy is Back, Baby!
Vehicles that run on volts and gas go mainstream. - 11-Jan-2005

GM's Long and Winding Road
Datamonitor commentary foresees long road to GM's hydrogen future. - 11-Jan-2005

Russia's Energy Holds Powerful Sway Over Europe
As fossil fuel reserves dry out in Europe, experts expect its dependence on Russian imports to reach 60 to 70 per cent by 2020 - 11-Jan-2005

Canadian Feds Told to Crack Down on Auto Greenhouse Gas Emissions
Report says that voluntary approach not working and that a long-term climate-change plan that regulates auto and industry emissions is needed. - 11-Jan-2005

Canadian Coal-bed Methane Next Frontier?
Production of coal-bed methane could quadruple by 2006, according to the National Energy Board, reaching about 400 million cubic feet a day, up from about 100 million cubic feet a day at present. - 11-Jan-2005

The 'Revolution' That Became A National Joke
C5 was a tiny, single-seater, three-wheeled electric car of futuristic design that the press mockingly dubbed an 'aerodynamic bathtub'. - 11-Jan-2005

Honda Pushes Initiatives in Safety and High Technology
Four new powerplants are being developed, including a diesel for Europe, natural gas engine and a gas-electric hybrid. - 11-Jan-2005

GM Concepts Hype Hydrogen and Hybrids
With Prius sales up 118.5 percent over 2003, GM decides its time to protect its turf. - 11-Jan-2005

Ford Launches Its Mercury Product Revolution
The new products from Lincoln-Mercury also will include several hybrids starting with Mariner due in the showrooms late this year. - 11-Jan-2005