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Race Is Now On for Hybrid-Electric Car Leader
JD Power and Associates see hybrid sales over half a million by 2010, roughly three percent of US market. - 10-Jan-2005

GM Develops Opel Astra Diesel-Hybrid Concept Vehicle
Astra Diesel Hybrid is propelled by a powerful 92-kw (125-horsepower) 1.7-liter CDTI engine with a maintenance-free particulate filter and by two electric motors, rated at 30 kw and 40 kw, giving the car 0-100kph acceleration in less than 8 seconds, while offering 25% improved fuel economy over comparable diesel models - 10-Jan-2005

GM Graphyte Concept SUV Debuts at NAIAS 2005
Dual hybrid mode offers fuel savings in both city and highway driving conditions with a promised 25% improvement in fuel economy. - 10-Jan-2005

DaimlerChrysler's Mercedes S-Class Most Powerful 'Hybrid' Yet
P1/2 V-8 diesel hybrid-electric drive system produces 241kW/340 hp, a new record for cars with hybrid drive systems, giving the car 0-100 kph acceleration of 7.6 seconds. Fuel savings range between 15-25 percent or 34 miles per gallon (7L/100km) - 10-Jan-2005

End of Oil?
Ultimately, says Deffeyes, we may just have to resign ourselves to relying more on coal, wind, and nuclear fission for electricity and switching to high-efficiency diesel and hybrid automobiles in order to ration our remaining oil reserves for as long as possible. - 11-Jan-2005

Conservation is Theme of Detroit Car Show Debuts
Green machines from hybrids to fuel cells are the dream machines at the 2005 North American International Auto Show. - 11-Jan-2005

Toyota, Honda Plan to Double U.S. Hybrid Car Sales, Widen Lead
Toyota and Honda sold 81,206 hybrids in 2004 and look to sell 200,000 in 2005. - 11-Jan-2005

Ford to Expand Green Offerings
Mercury Mariner Hybrid launch this fall, followed by Ford Fusion and Mercury Milan Hybrids in 2008 and a Hybrid Mazda Tribute in 2007. - 11-Jan-2005

Hybrid's Next Step is Good PR
Carmakers focus on teaching buyers about technology - 11-Jan-2005

Nissan to Produce Hybrid Cars in USA
Company plans to build 100,000 Altima sedans over five year period with production in US slated to begin in 2006 - 11-Jan-2005