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ZAP Aims to be First to Market with Fuel Cell Vehicle
California-firm unveils at Consumer Electronics show in Las Vegas a Nissan Fronteir crew cab pickup powered by Anuvu fuel cell, as well as new lithium battery technology. - 07-Jan-2005

The Beginning of the End of Oil
Underground DVD hit documentary 'The End of Suburbia' aobut the perilous state of world energy now has sequel, 'Escape from Suburbia'. - 08-Jan-2005

Talk of Oil Decline Moving Into the Mainstream
Talk of peak oil is moving from obscure energy workshops and technical journals into the social consciousness via books, National Geographic and other magazines and college curriculum. - 08-Jan-2005

World Energy Demand Poses Dilemma for Producers and Consumers
Qatar Energy Minister sees fossil fuels as world's main energy source for foreseeable future but acknowledges the problem posed by their greenhouse gas emissions. - 08-Jan-2005

America's Looming - and Permanent - Oil Crisis
Jim Gardner's Letter to the Editor urges his community in Southwest Viriginia to begin serious discussions and planning to begin to prepare for peak oil. - 08-Jan-2005

Chinese Looking at Unocal Acquisition
CNOOC looking at several firms, including part stake in or possible acquisition of US oil and gas producer Unocal Corp. - 08-Jan-2005

GM Hires Sandia Labs to Develop Advanced H2 Storage Tanks
Goal of $10 million contract is to design and test fuel tanks containing metals that can absorb enough hydrogen to give fuel cell vehicles a range of 300 miles - 08-Jan-2005

Fetish EV and Hyunda FCEV Highlight LA Auto Show
'Must See Vehicles'at 2005 L.A. Auto Show include two environmentally-responsible electric-drive cars, including the $600,000 Monaco-based Venturi Fetish powered by state-of-the-art lithium ion batteries. - 08-Jan-2005

Pennsylvania Project to Study Wind and Hydrogen Production
Efforts to harvest wind energy in Cambria County also are bringing cutting-edge research into what could be the fuel of the future: Hydrogen. - 11-Jan-2005

Toyota Planning to Build Hybrid-Electric Camry in USA?
Although not officially confirmed, Yomiuri newspaper is reporting Toyota intends to export main auto parts, such as engines, from Japan and to assemble them at its plant in Kentucky - 08-Jan-2005