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Renewable Energy Businesses Form National Alliance
National trade associations representing the wind, solar, geothermal, biomass, landfill gas and waste-to-energy industries together with public power and rural electric co-ops, joined in founding the organization, which seeks significant extensive of Production Tax Credit. - 07-Jan-2005

German Solar Firm Sees Profits Soar in '04
Share values of SolarWorld rise 15 times over past 24 months and company expects profits to be higher than its own forecast of 14 million euros ($18.5 million). - 07-Jan-2005

Invasion of the iPod People
The machines will not take over the world with evil-looking, armor plated monstrosities - they will take over with adorable mp3 players and computers that come in the color "tangerine." - 11-Jan-2005

What Dimwit Wrote These Warning Labels?
Scooter label warning,'This product moves when used', part of contest to find the 'Wackiest' warning labels. - 07-Jan-2005

Another Arizona City Looking at Scooter Ban
Ordinance would be aimed primarily at 'pocket bikes' - miniature motorcycles - but may also apply to electric models. - 07-Jan-2005

Best Wind Turbine Sites Offshore, Beyond State Control
New study of best locations for wind turbine project off the New Jersey coast put them beyond the state's 3-mile limit. - 07-Jan-2005

Now Some Good News About Renewable Energy
During the past year, in ways big and small, the Western United States has taken the lead in leveraging its rich resource base in clean, inexhaustible renewable energy technologies. - 07-Jan-2005

TVA Adds 15 More Wind Turbines
Buffalo Mountain wind farm increases generating capacity to 29 megawatts, enough to power 3,000 homes - 07-Jan-2005

Hydrogen Cars in UK May Be Common Sight By 2020
Burden of deployment may fall to industry - mainly the energy companies - to finance it, most likely off balance sheet or through raising share capital, says director of the Centre for Energy Policy and Technology at Imperial College London. - 07-Jan-2005

Will Toyota Capture Lead in Heavy Hybrids?
New ABI Research report sees monetary savings through hybrid technology as a possibility, but one that will require dramatic reduction of initial costs that can only be achieved through mass production. - 07-Jan-2005