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SHEC Labs Applies for New Patent for Solar Receiver
new provisional patent application was filed with the Canadian Patent Office. The company has sought global protection on this technology entitled “Solar Energy Collector”. This invention is in the solar energy field. The “Solar Energy Collector” has been designed for the efficient collection of concentrated solar radiation. Concentrated solar radiation can be used for thermo-chemical, thermo-mechanical and other thermal processes including hydrogen production. - 05-Jan-2005

A Hydrogen Powerhouse in the Making
Hydrogenics expects to have approximately US$120 million in cash and short term investments after its acquisition of Stuart Energy, as well as an unmatched portfolio of multipurpose hydrogen economy products. - 05-Jan-2005

Hybrid Owners Driving Solo In California to Gain From Bill
Senator Dianne Feinstein will introduce legislation in Congress to allow owners of hybrid that get 45 mpg or better to drive solo in California HOV lanes. Congressional approval is needed before California law can take effect. - 06-Jan-2005

DC Metro and Zipcar Partner to Offer Transit Riders Hybrid Vehicle Option
Zipcar will offer nearly 50 vehicles available at or near 44 downtown and remote Metro station locations, including the Toyota Prius - 06-Jan-2005

Conservation Calendar Includes Replacing SUV with Hybrid
Cleveland Plain Dealers 'Conservation Calendar' includes tasks and recommendations for the coming year that includes dumping the family SUV for hybrid-electric car - 06-Jan-2005

Ellen DeGeneres To Auction Prius II to Aid Tsunami Victims
Vehicle donated by Prius and will be auctioned on eBay with bidding through her Web site. - 06-Jan-2005

Toyota Prius Sales Up 118 Percent in 2004
Sales of GM and Ford vehicles drop with SUVs like the Ford Excursion dropping 24 percent, though pickups sales remain strong. - 06-Jan-2005

Ford and GM Can't Get Traction with US Car Buyers
Booth Newspapers columnist Rick Haglund says that Toyota, Honda, Nissan and DaimlerChrysler AG's Chrysler Group are eating GM and Ford's lunch because consumers have decided that Asian and European brands are more attractive, better built and give greater value for the dollar. - 06-Jan-2005

Pennsylvanians Back Increased Mass Transit Funding
While citizens actually resist funding it, overall 69 percent of the state, including urban and rural areas support increased funding of public transit. - 07-Jan-2005

Toronto Waters Down Car-Free Plans
Plan to close two downtown streets for 12 hours gets scaled back to one street from 10am to 3pm so as to not inconvience rush-hour drivers. - 07-Jan-2005