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DaimlerChrysler Hits 100 Fuel Cell Vehicles Goal
The largest fleet of fuel cell vehicles in the world consists of Mercedes-Benz F-Cell passenger cars, medium-duty Dodge fuel cell Sprinter Vans and Mercedes-Benz Citaro fuel cell buses. - 04-Jan-2005

Indian Scientists Develop Hydrogen Motorcycle
Latest experimental vehicle follows demonstrations in other motorcycles and three wheelers. - 04-Jan-2005

ConocoPhillips Pulls Out of Arctic Refuge Lobbying Group
Largest oil company in Alaska joins BP is withdrawing from Arctic Power, which promotes opening Arctric National Wildlife Refuge to oil and gas extraction - 05-Jan-2005

Flexcar Named 'Top Brand with a Conscience'
Based on successful European model, the company is the America's oldest and largest provider of car-sharing program - 05-Jan-2005

Shock Prevention for Hybrids
Safety experts urging car makers to add sun visor safety label that lets rescuers know if vehicle is hybrid-electric, especially now that new crop of hybrids look identical to conventional models. - 05-Jan-2005

Hybrid Road Rage in California
Editorial sides with state's decision to limit hybrid car access to HOV lanes to cars getting 45 mpg or better, despite American carmaker lobbying efforts. - 05-Jan-2005

VW Showcases Cleaner-Burning Diesel Fuels
Volkswagen and ADM cooperate to develop soy-based fuel that could be blended with conventional diesel to reduce emissions by 10-20 percent - 05-Jan-2005

Novel Hydrogen Storage Material Looks Promising
Nested metal-organic frameworks showing potential storage capacity equivalent to that of carbon nanotubes - 05-Jan-2005

Hyundai Shows Off Second-Generation Fuel Cell SUV
FCEV has a driving range double that of Hyundai's first-generation vehicle, the Santa Fe FCEV. Maximum speed and power have both increased to improve the overall performance, including sub-zero temperature startup. - 05-Jan-2005

Arnold's Hummer
The H2H puts lipstick on the pig by turning a vehicle whose urban fuel economy is about 10 miles per gallon (filling the tank routinely costs over $50) into a futuristic, alternatively-fueled car whose main tailpipe emission is water vapor. - 05-Jan-2005