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Global Warming Is An Anti-Capitalist Plot
Climate skeptic meet in London to announce that global warming has been subject to widespread misrepresentation and politicisation. - 01-Feb-2005

Electric Scooter Proves No Easy Ride for Florida Senior Citizen
Take the honeyed promises of electric scooter salespeople with a pillar of salt until you have your insurance approval in writing. - 01-Feb-2005

Company Contract Renewed to Supply Electric Scooters to VA Hospitals
Pact with veterans hospitals in U.S. could be worth $10 million to Golden Technologies of Old Forge. - 01-Feb-2005

Japanese Anime Inspires New Electric Car Design
Quicky, single seat, battery electric car to go on sale in Japan in March 2005 - 01-Feb-2005

Majority Oppose Granting HOV Lane Access to Some Hybrid Cars
Opposition strong to granting hybrid-electric car drivers access to high occupany vehicle commuter lanes on crowded freeways - 01-Feb-2005

The Short Path to Oil Independence
World Watch Institute founder Lester R. Brown adds his endorsement to Plug-In Hybrids, recharged by wind power. - 02-Feb-2005

Federal Lawmakers Craft Bills to Give Hybrid Drivers HOV Edge
Legislation by lawmakers from California would let states make their own rules for hybrids in car pool lanes. - 02-Feb-2005

Toyota and Fuji Heavy Industries Start Hybrid Technology Talks
Subaru vehicles expected to use Toyota's Hybrid Synergy Drive. - 02-Feb-2005

New Hybrid SUVs Offer More Pickup
Toyota sees soon-to-go-on-sale Highlander Hybrid as 'the Holy Grail in terms of making people realize that hybrids are not futuristic science projects'. - 02-Feb-2005

World's First Luxury Hybrid-Electric SUV Rolls Out
Lexus RX400h offers 7.3 seconds zero-to-sixty acceleration, better than many V-8 competitors, while delivering EPA-estimated combined fuel economy of 28 mpg. - 02-Feb-2005