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Biodiesel Blend Powering More 'Triangle' Vehicles
North Carolina biodiesel use growing, in part, through efforts of Piedmont Biofuels Cooperative. - 31-Jan-2005

Scientific Conference to Assess Global Warming
Scientists, hailing from 30 countries, will give a state-of-play about knowledge and try to define what is a dangerous level of global warming. - 31-Jan-2005

Toyota and Honda Lead In Hybrid Marathon for Now
Five years down the road, virtually every major auto manufacturer is going to be in the game, admits Honda spokesman. It's going to be a different market. - 31-Jan-2005

Hybrids Hang On
By 2010, hybrids will account for 2.9 percent of all new car sales, or 506,000 gas-electric vehicles, according to projections by J.D. Power and Associates. - 31-Jan-2005

Germany 'Growing' Biodiesel
Some 1.1 million tons of the rapesee-based biodiesel fuel, nicknamed "flower power", were produced by about 20 manufacturers in 2004 in Germany, and sold by 1,800 petrol stations. - 31-Jan-2005

UC Davis Team To Compete in X-Challenge
Challenge X competition to convert a stock GM automobile into a fuel-efficient hybrid electric vehicle - 31-Jan-2005

It's the Pipelines, Stupid
200 Iraqi insurgent attacks against that nation's oil facilities has cut exports in half, while a handful of similar attacks made against Saudi infrastructure will push oil well over $100 a barrel. - 01-Feb-2005

Africa Needs Alternative Sources of Energy
Only 20 percent of the population Nigera consume two-thirds of the nation's energy, while for the impoverished majority, fue wood shortages are 'severly damaning forests and wildlife'. - 01-Feb-2005

A Sneaky Bid for Arctic Oil
Los Angeles Times editorial accuses Bush Administration of deception in its efforts to open up oil and gas exploitation of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge - 01-Feb-2005

Oil Firms Fund Campagn to Deny Climate Change
British scientists warn that oil industry has turned its focus on Britain, funding efforts to raise doubts on global warming, delaying actions that will cost them money. - 01-Feb-2005