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Nissan Chief Not Sold on Hybrid-Electric Cars
Ghosn tells auto dealers that Altima hybrid will be profitable, but not as much as conventional model; and the same applies to fuel cell cars that he estimates cost $800,000. - 30-Jan-2005

Appeal of Gas-Electric Hybrids Growing
Since 1999, when the first Honda Insight was introduced, sales of hybrids have doubled every year: 9,350 in 2000; 20,287 in 2001; 35,000 in 2002; and 47,525 in 2003. - 30-Jan-2005

Massachusetts Urged to Offer Hybrid Car Incentives
Boston Globe editorial staff endorses allowing hybrid-electric vehicles access to state's I-93 HOV lanes to encourage sales. - 30-Jan-2005

Lexus RX400h: Automotive Superman
Camoflaged by its ordinary-looking, 'Clark Kent' exterior lurks a planet-saving vehicle that Lexus claims is the most fuel-efficient, environmentally friendly, greenest, leanest car of its kind. - 30-Jan-2005

Pull, Don't Push, Say Carmakers
Auto industry loves the incentives and help in advancing new technologies, but it hates the regulations, arguing state and federal fuel-efficiency standards that raise the price of making cars. - 30-Jan-2005

Let's Use Wisely the 'Medicine' of Conservation and Alternative Energy
Is Thomas Friedman's 'geo-green' option the remedy for what ails the Middle East or a prescription for disaster? - 02-Feb-2005

New Way to Manufacture Micro-Fuel Cells Lowers Costs
Instead of assembling the separate parts, the fuels cells are made by 'growing' layers upon layers, the same way we currently make microelectronic devices. - 30-Jan-2005

China Tapping More Solar Energy
Solar power installation averaging 28.6 percent over the last ten years, rising to 36.9 percent in the last five years. - 31-Jan-2005

EAA To Honor Electric Truck Champions
Efforts by Ford Ranger EV drivers and Jump Start Ford to be recognized by Electric Auto Association Feb 19, 2005 national meeting - 31-Jan-2005

Vermont Gradually Boards Biodiesel Bandwagon
Two $2500 grants help Vermont Coffee Co. in Bristol, Sugarbush Resort in Warren and Vermont Law School in South Royalton start using biodiesel fuel. - 31-Jan-2005