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Massachusetts Lawmakers Are What They Drive To Work
Fuel efficiency and safety rate high with lawmakers who must make long commute to state house. - 29-Jan-2005

New Fiber Optic Technology to Speed Traffic and Cut Pollution
Hybrid electric transit buses and improvements in Raleigh, N.C. traffic signal system to make travel easier - 29-Jan-2005

Strange Bedfellows and Hybrid Economics
How much money will you save by buying a gas-electric hybrid depends on what price you place on American freedom. - 29-Jan-2005

Oil Companies Vie for Iraq's Oil
The widespread conviction in Iraq is that the United States invaded to seize oil. - 30-Jan-2005

China Boosts Role in Venezuela's Oil and Gas Sector
Despite multi-million dollar Chinese investments, experts expect US to remain country's most natural energy market because of its proximity and its refineries gread to process Venezuelan crude - 30-Jan-2005

Vegetable Oil Producers Look for Energy Windfall
With crude oil prices more than $47 a barrel, energy-hungry countries may find that burning edible oil or blending it with diesel provides an economically viable alternative. - 30-Jan-2005

Native Alaskans Campaign Against Oil Drilling
Groups form Hawai'i-Arctic Hulahula Alliance to 'to defend federal lands and waters now under threat from Big Oil and Big Government'. - 30-Jan-2005

Cut Oil Prices and Dethrone the Tyrants
New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman says "geo-greens" offer an alternative to "Euro-wimps" and US-neocons in dealing with Iran and other troubled, oil-rich states. - 30-Jan-2005

Pemex A Crumbling Company
Mexico's state oil facility plagued by aging, spills. - 30-Jan-2005

Hybrid HOV Perk Under Fire in California
Auto manufacturers also have emerged as an opponent. They are threatening to block hybrid legislation in Congress because none of the 10 new hybrids that will soon be unleashed on the market meet California's 45-mpg requirement. - 30-Jan-2005