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Hybrid Liberalism
The government and Detroit's Big Three are trying to change the way you look at your car. - 28-Jan-2005

The Consequences of Growing Oil Hunger
With demand for oil soaring and reserves dipping, some say prices will continue to rise, along with the possibility of new conflicts. - 29-Jan-2005

Brave Nightmare World
Book Review: The End of Oil: On the Edge of a Perilous New World by Paul Roberts - 29-Jan-2005

Shell Chairman: Climate Needs Shift From Fossil Fuels
Lord Oxburgh urges governments to push society towards a world less dependent on fossil fuels. - 29-Jan-2005

Wamp Says U.S. Energy Policy Is Security Priority
Tennessee Congressman focuses on energy security, energy stewardship, and energy independence and relies on advancing initiatives that speed the development and marketing of renewable and energy-efficient technologies, infrastructure, and products. - 29-Jan-2005

UK Gov't Keeps Nuclear Power Option Open
Will reconsider building more nuclear plants if renewable energy targets are now met. - 29-Jan-2005

The Future Is Green... But It Won't Be Easy
Renewable energy making steady inroads in UK, but it's still an uphill fight compared to Sweden, for example, where per cent of new homes are built with renewable energy. - 29-Jan-2005

Climate Change: Firm Action Called for Amid Catastrophic Warnings
Both the dangers posed by climate change and some of the mitigation solutions available were outlined this week, as global warming dominated the headlines. - 29-Jan-2005

Ford Escape Hybrid Too Pricey?
That's the conclusion of columnist Mark Savage... if you include all the bells and whistles. - 29-Jan-2005

UK Insurer Offering Hybrid Car Discounts
Online insurer Elephant.co.uk savings could mean potential savings up to 100 Pounds Sterling - 29-Jan-2005