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Hydrogen Future Drives Into the 'Big Apple'
GM to provided an intial 13 vehicle fuel cell fleet, which are part of 40 vehicle DoE program, with hydrogen refueling to be provided by Shell Hydrogen - 28-Jan-2005

U of Iowa Grad Student Pursues Fuel Cell Dream
Remotely controlled model car powered by hydrogen fuel cell utilizing proprietary technology. - 28-Jan-2005

Consumer Fuel Cell Vehicles 25 Years Away, Says Toyota Fuel Cell Expert
Without breakthroughs that cut the cost of fuel cell stacks and hydrogen-storage systems, fuel cell vehicles won't be mass produced until 2030 at the earliest, says Bill Reinert (an old friend of EV World's) - 28-Jan-2005

Electrifying Deal
Ford sells discontinued truck to Pomona's William Korthof for $1 - 28-Jan-2005

The Real Cost of Driving a Hybrid
Frank R. Hotchkiss looks at the costs of buying and operating a hybrid and concludes it's 'complicated'. - 28-Jan-2005

Fuel Efficient Mega Truck Helps Business Bloom in UK
Small delivery truck comes in both diesel version that gets 56 miles to the gallon and a battery electric version. - 28-Jan-2005

Extreme Hunting Machines Include Electric 'Bad Boy Buggies'
Top speed on the electric utility vehicle is 22 mph, and the cruising range between battery charges is 28 miles. At the end of the day, plug in the battery charger and the rig is fully charged in about eight hours. - 28-Jan-2005

Hybrid Handwriting on the Wall
Automotive News World Congress panel of powertrain experts sees strong growth for hybrids. - 28-Jan-2005

Electric Road Rules
University of Washington electric vehicle project aims to create sporty, no-emissions car. - 28-Jan-2005

Have Electric Bike Will Travel
Malaysian company seeks to introduce electric bicycles in the country. - 28-Jan-2005