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Senators Feinstein and Snowe Introduce New Fuel Efficiency Legislation
Bill would close SUV loophole, requiring them to meet same fuel efficiency standards as passenger cars by 2011. - 27-Jan-2005

Global Warming 'Twice as Bad as Feared'
Shared computing project involving 90,000 people in 140 countries used to model global warming trends, concluding that the temperature rise could be much higher than originally predicted by by earlier models. - 27-Jan-2005

Internet Project Forecasts Global Warming in Biggest-ever Climate Simulation
Results of first Climateprediction.net project concludes that a doubling of carbon-dioxide levels could eventually lead to an increase in worldwide temperature of anything between 1.9 degrees C and 11.5 degrees C. - 27-Jan-2005

Longer Airlines Flights Proposed to Combat Global Warming
Jetliner contrails seen contributing to global warming by trapping earth's heat, leading to suggestion by researchers at London's Imperial College to reduce altitudes to prevent cloud formation. - 27-Jan-2005

Hybrids? Some Opt To Go All-Electric
While activists, experimenters and university researchers pursue goal of electric vehicle, the auto industry seems little inclined to follow their lead. - 27-Jan-2005

Britain's Blair Urges Action on Global Warming
World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland features session on the risks of global warming to the world economy, but many believe the problem is too distant to motivate timely action. - 28-Jan-2005

CO2: The Slow Fuse of Abrupt Climate Change
Editorial from the My EV World blog on EVWorld.Com sees the build up of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere as the fuse to unleashing hundreds of trillions of cubic feet of methane, a greenhouse gas 20 times more effective than CO2 at trapping earth's heat. - 28-Jan-2005

Unlikely Alliance Formed to Secure Energy Supplies
Efforts underway on both sides of the Atlantic to address security threat posed by oil addiction with conservative 'Hawks' in the US allying with environmental groups. - 28-Jan-2005

New Fuel Cell Membrane Reduces Methanol Crossover
Methanol crossover in new Tokuyama hydrocarbon-based membrane is a tenth of the level for a typical fluorine-based one and that the price of the hydrocarbon type is a fifth to tenth of the price of the fluorine-type. - 28-Jan-2005

City of Los Angeles Puts Honda FCX Into Service
Latest version of Honda fuel cell car has improved power and acceleration, plus a range of 220 miles, some 25 miles more than previous model. - 28-Jan-2005